1. Hi Laurel

    I think you clicked apple instead of apple iphone. When you click apple iphone, you do go to a list of nice used and grey imported iphones.

    When you click apple however, you are taken to the page you mentioned.


  2. Click ‘Advanced Search’ -> enter ‘iphone’ -> Click ‘Search’ button

    You’re welcome 🙂

    (and yes, it is pretty crappy of eBay to do this)

  3. Thanks for the Advanced tip 🙂

    I didn’t click APPLE. I typed in “iphone” and hit the RETURN key on my keyboard.

    Is everyone getting the same thing? Australian IPs anyway?

    1. @Laurel,

      Yes, i’m getting the same nasty Apple co-branded web page. As a side note, if you google “iphone ebay” and then click thru to ebay you then just end up with a whole lot of iphone add-ons but no actual iphones.

  4. OK Here I am again. Yes you are right. When I type Apple iphone there is NO hijak. When I type iphone, there is a hijack. Sorry for my original post.

    I think this is ACCC kind of stuff really. Its blocking the free market.

    Take them on.


  5. If you use the advanced search, you get the right page(s) – while I agree it’s annoying that eBay/Apple have done this (haven’t tested any opther Apple products yet), that’s all it is – an ANNOYANCE;

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