I’m assuming it’s hackers at Apple, because if it’ s a co-branding thing, it’s just bloody rude and disrespectful to the customer.


  1. Go to ebay.com.au
  2. Type in iPhone – like this ebay-iphone
  3. hit return.
  4. You’ll be HIJACKED to a page called http://www.ebayasiapromo.com/sgwidget/apple/dlp?site=15&kw=apple+mac
    (once I got ipod classic instead).
  5. looks like this ebay-apple
  6. There are no – none- zero-null iphones on that page.
  7. I don’t know how to look up iPhones on eBay now. I want an old 8g, 2G one. Less than $500 kthnxbai
  8. Bloody eBay. Bloody Apple.

How annoying is that? eBay stop it – you might have done a deal with Apple to help them sell new, expensive uncracked iPhones, but seriously, where are your manners?  and whatever deal you’ve done, you won’t make as much from selling a handful of new ones as you will make from all the second hand ones. For God’s sake, eBay, get back to your authentic brand of selling second hand stuff, and stop trying to make us think you are Apple resellers!

… or have I completely lost the plot? Wouldn’t be the first time 😛  is there an easy way to list iPhones being sold on eBay Australia?