1. What. No responses? Just goes to show how little people understood and are interested in what really happened on Q&A that night and how little people understand or are interested in that Rule of Law these days. TA and his friendly media mates and the Opposition have succeeded in dumbing down, distorting, lying, cheating, fear mongering everything and then some. So much so that even the likes of Tony Jones doesn’t even take the time to understand that final comment by Zaky Mallah. Somebody, please, get me out of this Orwellian nightmare! Aaaaargh!

    1. Most of my responses are on social media – Facebook seems the most popular in this instance. The old days of comments have gone I’m afraid LOL but we are still outraged just on Facebook and other platforms than blogs 😉
      Thanks for your comment. xxxx Laurel

      1. Yes of course. Thanks Laurel. I guess I just get so annoyed these days I just have to respond. Lot of good it does though. Can’t see anything changing any time soon.

      2. hi laurel.
        I agree with your account of what happened.
        Ciobo made a remark about Julia Gilliard sometime ago something about her throat…..I see that remark about our prime minister as being very serious ……if malik made that remark he would have been deported…..not a malik fan but agree with you that ACC apologised too quickly…..the other bloke on Q&A Morris also mad some threatening remarks about Julia gilliard and both were allowed on Q&A……I don’t hear turnbull saying they both should have been scrutinised out of the forum.

  2. Thanks, Laurel

    Yes, I agree with your presentation of the issues here, and am disgusted (if unsurprised) by the arrogant, shamelessly uninformed nature of our ‘democratic’ ‘representative’s response. Not in my name – either he really is that ego-driven and daft, or he’s trying to appeal to the fear-based, bigoted racism that sees my gentlest, most beautiful, intelligent and compassionate of friends called ‘black c…’, apropos of nothing at all, in the main street of our regional centre. It’s out here, people – the very worst of what that C..bo ‘minister’ person is appealing to for vote purposes. And I ache that the (admittedly Howard-installed)ABC boss saw fit to apologise (survival strategy?) – it was no error of judgement! It was intelligent, adult, thinking debate. As one of the program’s tweets chillingly twote (past tense?)’Our government’s given up on the rule of law. Get a gun.’ It’s the terrorism of media control. What can we do? Maybe check recent ‘Get Up’ for something like community-based action in response to this troubling issue. Connect. Maybe start to take back our compassionate human power. Evaluate. Watch David Graeber. Connect. Watch ‘The Emporers New Clothes’. Evaluate….

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