1. Whirlpool is everything that was good about web1 and everything that is good about web2.

    Whirlpool, and Simon Wright, will be around long after 2clix are a ‘deregistered’ entry in ASIC’s database.

    1. Whirlpool is everything that’s good about the internet? *splat cough* what?

      It may interest you to examine the business of Whirlpool and the source of its funding? Whirlpool Forums receive funding *sponsors* from various businesses who seem exempt from the same kind of negative comments promoted and/or not hidden in the whirlpool forums. Whirlpool is not a community forum in any sense. Rather, it’s a tool that its moderators and owner use to promote funding based on censoring negative comments about businesses that would otherwise be just as winged about as businesses such as Bigpond.

  2. Now why in the world should anyone just be allowed to slander a company either anonymously or not, offline or online? Tell me that.

    I’m all for your beloved social networks Lauren, web 2.0 and all that. In fact, I bet that I’ve been on the internet long before most people learned to spell “email”.

    But the same rules of defo apply even to social networks!

  3. Well Mr/s. Anon, if you’ve been on the internet that long (I used to teach Eudora email courses in 1989 – yes that’s 89, not 99) you would remember the court cases around email? That ISPs were sued for the content of emails. This case is not about defamation – that surely should be taken against the writers themselves – it was about the inability of Whirlpool to identify the writers. And by being unable to identify, it was not possible to prove that they were/not sneaky competitors instead of genuine grievance. In my opinion, it was probably bullying tactics to have Whirlpool remove genuine review posts.

    I’d sooner sue Australia Post for delivering defamatory postcards or a cafe for allowing a public conversation to take place. Citizen Writer means Citizen Editor and Citizen Distributor too.

    1. “That ISPs were sued for the content of emails. This case is not about defamation – that surely should be taken against the writers themselves – it was about the inability of Whirlpool to identify the writers.”
      Lauren, you can’t be serious. Whirlpool admins have access to the sign-up data you provide, including the ISP you are posting from. I know first hand they can identify you, as they used my login credentials ISP and email address to threaten and harass me, identify my place of work and name me. They are completely capable of identifying you, and although its a complete invasion of privacy they will and do, do this. Simon and his admin team can burn in hell, they’ve all sold their souls to corporate giants for protection. There is no excuse for such a breach of trust as identifying and harassing someone simply because you don’t like what they say, within their legal rights. Whirlpoolsux DOT com

  4. The statement also provides numerous examples of derogatory comments about 2Clix and the quality of its software product from Whirlpool posters using pseudonyms. The failure of Whirlpool to verify the identity of the posters before registering them is one of the points of contention of the lawsuit.
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  6. Whirlpool is a tool for competitors to slag each other off without getting caught. I am sure that Simon Wright founder of Whirlpool gets a lot of underground payments from large organisations so Whirlpool would not allow negative things being posted about these companies.

  7. Whirlpool is just viral marketing.

    Simon Wright founder of Whirlpool blackmails companies for large sums of money. He warns them that if they do not sponsor his site, he will post negative things about the organisation.

    I know this because I had a friend that was a moderator on Whirlpool for 3 years and he advises me how Whirlpool got their funding from large organisations.

    Shame on you Whirlpool.

  8. Yep I think whirlpool has a very bad influence on business Your competitors can slag you off and nasty customers can defame good businesses without any penalty
    This would not be able to happen in the real world where people have to be accountable for their words and actions.If Whirlpool is taking underhanded payments from big companies to keep their slate clean maybe this should be investigated by the AFP or ACCC!

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