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The Customer is NOT on Your Side: Got more examples of anti-branding by consumers?? Tell me and I’ll post them, with a link/hat tip back to your site. (see here for the Customer is on Your Side)

Anyone got any examples of anti-marketing, anti-advertising sites? This is where the consumer has got so pissed with a company they have set up an “anti-site” -questioning, highlighting, destroying a brand online. I’m going to keep the list here and link to it from the right hand side of this blog, so if you find any, give me a hoy ok?
1. Zero Coke Movement (Australian, anti Zero Coke) – .com is coke, .org is anti

In Australia, the company created a controversial fake front group to promote the product, a campaign of outdoor graffiti and online spamming (which promoted a fake blog), was created by Coca-Cola and designed to appeal to its target audience. Once exposed, consumer advocates assailed the campaign as misleading and established the Zero Coke Movement to comment on the ethics of Coke’s activities. (wikipedia)

I’m not sure it was a wise move of coke to buy the zerocokemovement.com domain when the zerocokemovement.org was still active…
2. HdDVD crack – the hole that DIGG dug. (and Google and others)

3. Ikea Sucks (Google “ikea sucks”) and Ikea Phobia (with movie) – in fact here’s a bunch of Ikea bashing posts.
4. Sky Handling are Cunts (google “sky handling”) eloquent and pervasive – most dugg site.
5. Anti Facebook site – about the Super Facebook saga and how Facebook charge blind people to have accessibility to the site and lots of other stuff that seems to get airtime in certain parts of the blogosphere. The guy gets banned from time to time but is a bit of a hax0r so get’s back in again on new accounts, I think.

Big Freaking Hint: Don’t go to war with your customer. There’s more of them than you. And they have the time, skill, resources, technology, motivation, distribution channel, and connections into their/your target demographic to do you some real damage. We ain’t seen nuffin‘ yet.

There’s another post called Customer Brand Fansites and Brand Community for the brand evangelists. Or should we say, the anti-anti-advertising???

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4 thoughts on “Anti Marketing and Anti Advertising sites

  1. Not a website, but a song which I thought was fairly, shall we say, “emotive”. Cracked me since I first heard it a couple of years back (not new, but old).

    If you are still linking/tipping www.homefriday.com.au


  2. Thanks for mentioning www.ikeaphobia.com! I’ll have to confess, the Ikea Irritation that prompted that little opera has passed. I’m now thinking of buying more stuff from Ikea. I’ve also made a video for selling some collectible wine bottles at www.nicebigjugs.com. It’s totally g-rated, almost as silly as ikeaphobia.

  3. Everyone is worried about jobs going overseas, but I think should they should be more optimistic. America is great for generating new jobs and dealing with change. My grandfather said railroads once lost a lot of business when electric companies switched from burning coal to nuclear power. Railroads also needed less workers when trains stopped using cabooses. Yet while some railroad jobs may have disappeared, new jobs like webpage designers and video store clerks have appeared. Horse buggy manufacturers became car manufacturers and typewriter companies now make computers. Many industries that were supposed to disappear like movie theatres due to VCR’s and accounting because of computers have never been stronger.

    While manufacturing jobs may go overseas to cheaper locations, the United States still manufactures more than any other country.


    Even if more jobs go abroad, the USA will always have factories. I highly doubt that the United States will buy fighter jets from China. The price of labor may be cheaper in Asia now, but as oil and shipping prices rise, buying American products will not seem to be so expensive. Chinese products also have a reputation for poor quality and counterfeiting. BMW does not worry that Chinese car companies will steal their customers.

    Many jobs cannot be outsourced, either. You are not likely to call a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, mover, driver, barber, electrician, locksmith, real estate agent, or plumber in China to fix a problem you have in the USA. Are all the farms, mines, stores, hotels, museums, restaurants, churches, security guards, banks, government workers, schools, and athletes in the US going to be shipped overseas, too?

    Even if all the manufacturing jobs in the United States went to China, wouldn’t the Chinese need American skills? Americans are creative. Do you think China will be known as the new Disney and Hollywood? Will China become famous for apple pies, hamburgers, hot dogs, baseball, gun rights, democracy, free speech, and religious freedom?

    While change is sometimes scary and being cautious is good, hysteria is not. Think for yourself and don’t be a Chicken Little.

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