Erietta created me the template (matches my business card) completely unasked while I was in Victoria last week. I found it in my Inbox when I got back – I cried. She’s such a sweetie! anyway click through the slides and ask questions in the comments if you want.

I would’ve enjoyed this conference in Sydney a lot, lot more if I hadn’t -stupidly – double booked this morning’s presentation with something else. No clue how it happened, I’ve had Glenn booked in since October last year. Grrrr. My bit was the timeline of content being created – at first ignored, then rejected, then copied, and so on…

Everyone was great. Lots and lots of Government people, getting involved in social media. I wanted to cuddle each and every table of ’em. 🙂 I’m annoyed I missed Kylie Johnson from CSIRO. Apparently she was wicked with the case study. Everyone was raving about her that I spoke to. I don’t know what was my favourite session – maybe Tracey Arthur of the Roads Transport Authority? But maybe because she was talking about such an important topic – road toll in Australia?

I like to go and spend time at conferences to see how the industry is evolving. Two years ago, the questions being asked today -ethics of live blogging, freedom to ask open questions when people Twitter issues – wouldn’t have come up in 2005/2006. Kind of, taking the temperature, so to speak.

Part of my presentation was: Your Staff are on Social Networks too. I usually waffle on about the GM ad (pulled by the company but snuck on to YouTube by a naughty staff member) or broadband techies being on

But now I have a new example – Hill and Knowlton’s smartypants, Matt Overington came up with a sublime example: Kodak – Winds of Change. It was for internal use only …

“make nanotechnology look like a MacDonald’s happy meal” Booyah!

but should’ve gone external. They keep removing it – my YouTube links didn’t work anymore. But I found it on Google Video. Your staff know what’s best for you *winks*
Hmmm. Hill and Knowlton – that’s where Stephen Noble works too. Good people.