1. Laurel -this is my first post ever (eech I am from the stone age methinks) I wanted you (and everyone who reads you) to know your presentation was incredibly thought-provoking and amusing to luddites like myself(I was the one with the million ethics questions at the end) and I wanted to thank you for your insights! I still have a million more questions about the ethics side of it, but am motivated to seek the answers…maybe by even embracing the technology (gasp) and asking people in the bloggesphere for their thoughts. Sorry this is anonymous…Haven’t worked that part out yet and come up with suitably thought provoking, and yet still amusing, Blogger ID… Thank you!

  2. Thanks- you asked some of the more interesting questions I’ve ever been asked at a conference. 🙂 Don’t forget to join Twitter too – in for a penny, in a for a dollar – I’m http://twitter.com/silkcharm if you want to add me when you get there 🙂

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