Amazon DRM and Yahoo Music lyrics

The times, they are a-changin’:

Amazon may offer DRM-free music from major labels
Amazon seems set to open a mainstream online music store as early as next month, and aims to follow the new EMI/Apple model of offering tracks unencumbered with DRM.
The company already sells music from a number of independent labels, but has reportedly approached the majors with a proposal to offer unprotected MP3 tracks from their catalogues.

EMI has already indicated a willingness to provide unprotected tracks in any format a retailer cares to sell, so it would be surprising if a EMI/Amazon deal wasn’t imminent. One card Amazon could play is going along with the labels’ desire for variable prices (eg, selling new tracks at higher prices than older material), something Apple has so far opposed.

More at ITWire. (Stephen Withers)
Combine that with

Yahoo Music adds lyrics
A deal with Gracenote has brought a licensed library of song lyrics to Yahoo Music at no charge to the user.
Yahoo MusicOpens in a new tab. now offers the lyrics to 400,000 songs from nearly 100 publishers, including BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner/Chappell.

Some 9000-odd artists are covered, so whether your taste runs to Bing Crosby or BeyoncĂ©, Yahoo Music has some lyrics for you. But the coverage is patchy – some artist searches return a seemingly comprehensive list of lyrics, where others show only a few obscure songs.

While it isn’t hard to find sites offering lyrics, they generally suffer from two drawbacks.

Also by the hardworking Stephen Withers (more at ITWire).
I feel like bursting into song! 🙂 BTW what’s that thing called when you change the lyrics? Like Wierd Al? It’s got a proper name (no, not mashup).

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