1. hey, like, y’know, if I was, like, going to, then, well, this wouldn’t be it! :p

    However, your considerably more intelligent comment on the other bloglet would be a first rate contender.

    Guy and Mark – men of discerning but not too varied taste. What was the quip about Walter Benjamin for? Sure a mash-up may not have the “aura” of a painted masterpiece, or an arthouse film, but an active audience enganging in active re-readings of text should have any post modernists jumping for joy.

    Even I haven’t been able to pull off discussing mashups, Walter Benjamin, philosophy, art, post modernism and online communities all in one bloglet before. *claps*

    By the way, how do I add ranking and rating to my bloglets and comments? If I could, I’d seriously consider a ticket as a prize and let you, valued readers, vote the winner. 🙂 Ah well, tough luck Eri.

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