I’ve just had confirmation that I’ll be teaching as part of the Spring program at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education. Two courses – one on writing blogs and one on marketing through online communities.

The Brochure is now at the desktop publishers. The Spring Program brochure will be inserted into the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 5th August 2006.

Yay! If you feel an overwhelming need to come and stare at me while I talk the same sort of thing I do here (but a whole day’s worth hopefully will seem less soundbytey/blogglety) don’t forget to come and say hi after the lecture. Oh and I’m also talking at Webdirections in September. While I’ll be focussing on the business end of dialogue with your customer, there’s plenty of workshops that are technical in nature. Y’know, AJAX, CSS standards, geeky stuff. The one I’m particularly interested in is:

Dan Saffer – Designing for Interaction
Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices

This broad and deep examination of the discipline of interaction design will feature activities and seminars that take participants from the prehistoric roots of interaction design to its future in transmedia interactions, ubiquitous computing, and digital tools for making digital tools.

Starting with a brief history of interaction design, Dan Saffer will cover the four approaches to interaction design; the elements, principles, and attributes of good interaction design; design research techniques; documentation; designing for multitasking, adaptation, and hacking; and service design.

Participants will walk away with not only a firm grasp of the underlying principles of interaction design, but also the tools to put those into practice.

Not everyone’s cuppa, I agree, but I’ll have a Tim Tam with mine thankyou!

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