Al Jazeera and capacity

Every so often an off beat topic takes centre of attention (for a few minutes at least). Today it is the refusal by TV operators to carry Al Jazeera (the Arabic channel). In the US it’s Comcast who have backed out, in Australia Foxtel won’t play ball. Both claim that it is a capacity problem e.g.

But Comcast denied the decision had anything to do with politics. “It comes down to a capacity question. We’re not adding a lot of new channels,” said Comcast spokeswoman Jenni Moyer.

Dunno why the forums in online communities have picked this one up but they have. It might have to do with the fact that it seems that Crikey revealed that Foxtel was telling fibs when they said they didn’t have capacity. I kinda liked Al Jazeera in the U.K. I gotta tell ya tho, Australian pay TV is nowhere near the standard of the UK Sky pay TV. For a start, the interactive TV guide is sucky…

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