Another Social Networking evening *pats AIMIA on the head* poor loves. 🙂

AIMIA connects interactive agencies with interactive agencies – a nice niche network. They pull their speakers and their content and their relationships from this small pool to offer to their events and networking evenings with drinkies. One ends up up hearing what one wants to hear from one’s colleagues and peers – other ‘old’ new media people – and like all social networks, you are either in and cool or not.

Zippydoodah from Social Media people who are not Interactive Agencies. Which is why I groan when I open their ‘bandwagon‘ emails. (Their term, not mine).

You, dear reader, aren’t seriously paying to attend these AIMIA sessions are you?

Sydney, September 2, 2008
Social Media & User Generated Content

Facebook. Blogs. MySpace. Online communities. Twitter. Can these social media tools help your business?

Many small and medium sized businesses have already embraced these tools with a passion, now is the time for you to get on the social media bandwagon!

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information with one another in today’s society.

Of course, not every single person in a particular online community is going to pay attention to what you have to say, but even if a small percentage does, it will be worth the effort. After all, creating a Facebook page for your business doesn’t cost anything.

So, what does the future hold? Social networks are a hot area, and are now in the early stages of evolution. Facebook is not going anywhere, but other approaches and models will without doubt emerge and may turn out to be even more successful. The monetization of social networks is in the early stages of development, brand owners need to adopt a practical approach when taking an active role in the social media landscape in order to gain best possible outcomes.

Social Media Bandwagon? Facebook pages don’t cost anything… if you don’t mind them sitting empty. Which is why AIMIA Facebook page has 600 odd members, yet other newer ones for Australia have 1500+ . Anyone want to jump on the Mobile SMS Bandwagon? How about the Virtual World bandwagon? How dare you tell my clients this is a bandwagon deal? While some AIMIA events are no doubt worthwhile, calling social media a bandwagon is downright enraging. Get serious – or get out. *grumpy face*

Facebook isn’t going anywhere – according to who? Or is it whom? I can never remember. We hit three million Australians on Facebook last week. Not bad for a year’s work. Going somewhere and fast. Fifth in the world no? Doomsayers beware. There’s no Facebook killer yet on the horizon. Whatever Interactive Agency Organisation might tell you.

Monetization is in the early stages of development? Says who/whom? o.O No one has made money since 1969 when Compuserve started up I guess? What a load of bollocks.

I swear, if you guys pay money to go to this tripe, I’ll never speak to you again. I’m speaking in Melbourne on that day, and then at PANPA (Kevin Rudd is opening! Yay!) on monetizing social networks immediately after. I’ll post up the slides – for free. Save yourself some cash, stay home or come to Melbourne/Queensland.

Caveat 1: I don’t belong to AIMIA – I’m not interested in Interactive Media that masquerades as Social Media. And I’m not an Interactive Media Agency, which means they aren’t interested in me. Or you. Or anyone who works in Social Media. ‘cos guess what? Agencies don’t do social anywhere near as well as People do, though I try to help a bunch of agencies – local and global. Caveat 2: I have been a member of AIMIA, on and off over the years and I helped set up the early AIMIA in the early ’90s (during my time at DDB Needham) when it was simply to connect an agencies Interactive departments with clients such as MacDonalds and TV stations media buying applications via X.25 networks. They shoulda stuck with that, I reckon.

Oh and any organisation that does not get the cultural relevance of creating online communities becomes culturally irrelevant. Poor AIMIA.

Overseas readers: AIMIA is one of a couple of digital organisations we have in Australia and stands for Australian Interactive Media Association.