The Australian Film Television and Radio School is having an open day this Saturday. I’ve been roped in to play World of Warcraft -oh the hardship!, oh the drudgery! – so if you come along, look for a Fire Mage throwing Arcane Missiles at murlocs. And running screaming from dragons

The Future is Now!
Two brand new world first courses that explore the link between games, virtual worlds and cinematic storytelling.

Graduate Diploma Games Design
Graduate Diploma Virtual Worlds

Offered by the Australian Film Television and Radio School – Australia’s national screen arts and broadcast school.
Applications close Nov 7

See, all those hours/weeks/years spent in world aren’t wasted! And yes, gamers are hyper-social so there should be a few there.

The future is virtual worlds and the living web. And monetizing it all.

The School is the next building along from the cinema at Fox Studios – near the market. Come along and have a coffee with me. And let’s prod a few dragons in the butt 🙂