Michael Specht found this one on the Real Footy:


The AFL has given a bunch of self-confessed football loving ‘IT geeks’ seven days notice to remove any references to the AFL, images or the mention of associated football league clubs from their footy blog.

The blog contestedfooty.com – set up by seven footy-obsessed students from Deakin and Monash universities – provides commentary on matches, players and footy news.

One of the site’s founders, 21-year-old student James Rose, told The Age the group received a letter from the AFL’s legal counsel demanding they stop using AFL intellectual property, stop displaying AFL images without their consent and provide evidence that they have ceased to do so by this Wednesday.

I love this comment:

“To me that’s a bit ridiculous, I’m not sure on the exact legality of it, we’re completely content with taking down images and we’ve put a lot of work in and then to turn around and say we can’t use their (the football club’s) name, what are we supposed to say the red, black and white team?” Mr Rose said.

Football would be great if it wasn’t for Fans dirtying up the brand. I mean, if they were all supermodels, wearing hats and T-shirts, we’d turn a blind eye, right? But students chatting about footy on a blog? Never!

And the 20 bucks they make towards hosting costs, doesn’t count. Not enough to cry foul anyway.