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  2. To play devils advocate. Do we know if the letter was about the images that use to be on the site or the actual names of clubs being used? My understanding from the article (and a little inside knowledge talking to the website owner) it was more about the images. As put in the article:
    “So it’s use of anything that’s got an AFL logo, be it club guernsey or AFL images.”

    “People can do it but they can’t attach any commercial gains to it,” Mr Keane said

    So just on that, can we at least stop claiming the AFL are trying to stop people saying “AFL” as they are on places like Twitter.

    Now the images that CF used that weren’t theirs I understand the copyright issue. The ones that they had the Copyright or permission from the Photo owner would be an interesting issue. Would love to hear from a Copyright Lawyer on that issue.

    I also have heard rumors that Telstra play an extremely large part on this issue.


  3. @molly: Love the fact you are looking at the issue properly but to clear some things up.

    The images we used were taken by us.

    And the e-mail started out by telling us we couldn’t use AFL or Club names without permission.

    1. Did they say you couldn’t use them or did they point out that they owned the trade mark on them?

      Don’t get me wrong, I wish they would be more open about it and as I said above would love the legal answer on Photos people take but (and Patrick Keane says it in the article) it doesn’t seem they can stop you using the names in an article.

      Image if you could. No more negative stories using a club name as the AFL would invoke copyright over the use on that occasion.

      Lets hope the Senate spend more time sorting this out rather then Spending time in the AFL’s business over where they have teams!

      Phillip Molly Malone’s last blog post..Video – Patrick’s 8th year

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