I don’t want to get into the fiasco that is PBL media and Channel Nine axing the two best information shows but this quote from The Australian made me laugh:

Mr Law said the evidence showed Nine’s revenue streams were sound, but cost control remained a key imperative in the current environment. “Nine is performing well in terms of consistent delivery of 25-54 demographics – which is the key audience for advertising share – but it is always a matter of judgment, striking the balance between chasing revenue and controlling costs,” he said.

Wow you have the opportunity to market to a whole 29 year range – a mum and her mother. Or father.
If I put in 18-54 (actually, the majority of McLeods Daughters fans – on Facebook anyway are 18-35 I think) It tells me there are nearly 10k of viewers that badge themselves as McLeods Daughters fans in their profiles. Try playing with the age range, location, jobs, relationship status and keywords. No I doubt they would put “uses Omo Dishwashing Liquid” but you can find a bunch of other keywords, can’t you m’dear? Over 3 million Australians (out of a population of 21 million) are on Facebook and Australians now spend more time online then they do watching TV.

David Ogilvy is such an inspiration! Swap out Direct Marketers for Social Media Marketers and I want to kiss the man. Shame he died in 1999 – but so prescient, no? (Hat Tip for the vid: Servant of Chaos)