I was in Adelaide last week, presenting to CPA Australia. Interesting group – though it was the end of the day and we only had time for 3 or 4 questions.

Last time (CPA Australia, Brisbane) I spent a couple of days adapting a “monetizing social media” for them only to find out that not only did they not blog, but they didn’t use YouTube or Wikipedia. Nor, strangely enough did they belong to Facebook (only one person admitted being a member of Facebook, well below 10% Australian average) or LinkedIn. Learning how to monetize something when you don’t even know what it is, is challenging to say the least.

So this time, I went for the basic, business/marketing view of “what is a blog, what is YouTube, What is Facebook” only to find out that they ALL belonged to Facebook! Odd – Brissie and Adelaide so different.

Ah well, good crowd, interested. Probably a bit “out there” in some respects but at least one person seemed thrilled with it all. And that at the end of the day, is the minimum of what I look for – one beaming, shiny, happy face. Let those that have the ears to hear, etc. Heh. Always hard to judge but an obviously inspired person is ‘mission accomplished’. Job satisfaction.

Now I have to get back to “Mobile Mobs” preso for Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration. Hope I get at least one more happy, shiny, face grinning up at me from the audience…