1. Laurel
    You are indeed brave to be talking to accountants about social networking. Our accounting practice in Melbourne started an eCommerce Learning Group for our clients last year. It has worked well. Last meeting was on ‘social networking for bisinesses’. we are going to keep with it. Lots to learn.Big potential

  2. It is a tough gig communicating to accountants and alike. They have made a living out of doing things straight up the line, conserving resources instead of spending them… to quote khe-san, their minds are always closed but their….
    well I think we all get it.

  3. I can’t believe Brisbane accountants are dragging the chain! Still, at least they can use the Internet at work, I was talking about social media to a government department the other day and there response was “that’s great Matt, but we’re not allowed to use YouTube or Facebook at work…”

  4. @Matt Granfield – Exactly! It’s so hard for us marketers in big corporations. I work for one that employs 30,000 with 4.9 billion dollars in revenue last year – but we can’t access relevant websites or open necessary files (especially video files etc) or even send 5MB via email. We just have to work quietly from the inside, trying to convince the upper echelons that the advertising world is progressing (without us). It’s frustrating!

  5. Last time CPA Australia, Brisbane I spent a couple of days adapting a monetizing social media for them only to find out that not only did they not blog, but they did not use YouTube or Wikipedia. Nor, strangely enough did they belong to Facebook only one person admitted being a member of Facebook, well below 10% Australian average or LinkedIn. Learning how to monetize something when you don’t even know what it is, is challenging to say the least.

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