AdBreak – I got YouTube

We interrupt our scheduled broadcast to bring you this nifty little song from New York Times blogger, David Pogue:

‘I Got YouTube’

A couple of weeks back, I laid one of my famous high-tech song spoofs on you (”R.I.A.A.“). I was certain the Pogue Grumpy Squad would lash out, condemning me for abandoning my usual gig of tech reviews. But no-they liked it just fine.

And so, in celebration of the new world of Web video, I’m offering an encore. This one, you have to sing to the tune of Sonny and Cher’s immortal classic, “I Got You Babe.”

(Tip O’ the Day: If you’re not sure how it goes, don’t forget that at Rhapsody.com, you can listen to 25 pop songs each month, *in their entirety,* for free.)

They say we’re young, don’t watch TV;
They say the Internet is all we see.
But that’s not true; they’ve got it wrong.
See, all our shows are just two minutes long…

I got YouTube.
I got YouTube.

They say Gen X won’t follow news,
The New York Times can only stand to lose!
If all the papers go away,
How will we learn the stories of the day?

We got YouTube.
We got YouTube.

I got movie parodies…
Funny ads from overseas…
Webcams of kids! On air guitar!
Anything funny, all messed up, or bizarre!

(Key change!)

So let them say Google overpaid;
I say they got the better of the trade.
Just throw your HDTV aside-
The future’s on a screen three inches wide…

I got YouTube-
Make that GooTube!

I can watch “The Daily Show”…
Just the parts I need to know!
Lots of music, lots of laughs,
Politicans’ latest gaffes,
LonelyGirls and music vids,
Cameraphones and “Star Wars” kids!
Copyrights get stomped a bit,
But kids my age don’t give a-
…uh, care a whit!

I got YouTube.
I got YouTube.
I got YouTube.

Brought to you by Ella James – It’s All About Having A Good Time. Back to our regular program … (heh)

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  1. Ella James

    Hi Laurel, what we are all asking is why Pogue hasn’t done this and put it on YOUTUBE….in beautiful glorious colour….maybe he’s after a “CHER’ to sing with him…HEY MR POGUE…MR POGUE… he he he

  2. Elizabeth Kim

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