Ad Revolution with Ford Motor

The Australian Financial Review reported today that “Ad Revolution Leaves Agencies Out in the Cold”.
Two weeks ago, Ford Motor Company put the wind up advertising agency executives around the world when it announced it was reviewing its marketing plans and where it spends its dollars.
What has spooked the advertising industry is that Ford ignore its myriad marketing suppliers… and instead brought in executives from consulting firm Accenture to conduct the review.
The move by Ford has confirmed their fear tht he ays when companies turned to ad agencies for advice on marketing strategy are over.

So, what will Accenture tell them? My guess (if you read my Peer to Peer Advertising bloglet, you’ll know what I’m gonna say) is that major companies will look to peer to peer advertising, using hyper-consumers to create their campaigns for them. These campaigns will run virally on the ‘net, flourishing in online communities. Have your customers tell you what they want to see in marketing, not an ad agency. If they want any more strategies than that, they’ll have to pay me. Heh.

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