ABC Radio: Nightlife with Tony Delroy and me

abc-nightlifeI will be on Nightlife on ABC Radio this THURSDAY night from 10pm.

PODCAST: Download from ABC (might have to right click?)

Nightlife… with Tony Delroy

Tony DelroyNightlife with Tony Delroy is eclectic and companionable talk radio at its best.

From the cult quiz The Challenge to news, current affairs, advice and stimulating chat with guests from around Australia and the world; there’s a lot to keep you awake into the smaller hours.

Human and family issues, spiritual questions, inspiring stories, talks by best-selling authors, and experts in science, computers, finance and health are all part of the mix, as well as your calls and SMS’s.

If you’d like to join talkback for Nightlife phone 1300 800 222 within Australia or +61 2 8333 1000 from outside Australia.

*** You can SMS Nightlife’s talkback on 19922702***

We start the actual show about 10:05pm, and go to questions at, I dunno, maybe half past 10? You can call in with your questions

If you’d like to join talkback for Nightlife phone 1300 800 222 within Australia or +61 2 8333 1000 from outside Australia.

or ask here on bloggy and I’ll try and get to them. I offered to speak on:

1. Facebook is the most private social network – how do we make sure that our photos and videos and jokes are seen only by our friends and not by the boss or our mum? Quick walkthru on setting up groups and  privacy level controls. Keep Facebook Private
2. Social networks and jobs – the fall in classified advertising is at  least partly attributed to the fact that people are looking for other ways to find jobs. Beyond LinkedIn and Facebook – anyone can join “open outsourcing” or “social freelance” sites and pick up a portfolio of work from web design to photography to language translation and so on. what does this “eBay of Jobs” mean to the global financial crisis scarcityof work?  Open Outsourcing
3. Small businesses can now use broadcast channel without the horrendous expense of mainstream advertising. What does a social media marketing campaign look like for a small or hobby business, for example an organic farmer?
4. Social Finance. If the bank manager says no to a loan, turn to a social network. Instead of one person handing over 100 grand, pitch for lenders on “eBay of loans” using a Facebook applicaton – perhaps 1000 people will put in 100 each. Will this break the banks? Social Finance
5. Banning Facebook and Twitter in companies and social media staff guidelines. How are companies dealing with staff screaming about customers on social networks, or posting up derogatory comments about their boss, or calling in sick when they have told their friends online that they have a hangover? The American Military have an interesting approach!  Social Media Staff Guidelines and and unblocking social media at the corporate firewall.

so we’ll see.

My cohort and partner in crime will be Paul Wallbank. Should be fun. Get in your jammies, clean your teeth and if you’re real good, you can stay up to listen. Will finish about 11pm but be available as a podcast later on.

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  1. so glad i googled you tony
    always have loved your show and the people whom contribute——and you turned out to look different to what i thought…..very charming
    keep up the great work that you do

  2. Hi Laurel, heard you on Tony Dalroy’s program last night – you were brilliant. Made the whole thing come alive for me, I could hear the chains chinking as they fell away from the whole subject of social network sites. A complete revelation – I am in your debt.
    Will overhaul my site and behaviour thanks to your inspiring, lucid, commonsense, engaging, unflinchingly confident and competent replies to all callers last night.

    1. Wow What an awesome comment – ranks up as an absolute favorite 🙂

  3. Well, the advice you gave listeners so readily and generously was worth a conventional advertising fortune, but maybe they didn’t realise that. Pearls before, perhaps, but I know what I heard was gold. Thanks.

  4. Laurel – can you please provide names of some of the sites you mentioned last night for finding and tendering for freelance work in various discplines? Thanks …

  5. G’Day….very very interesting on Thursday 28 May…didnt write down the names of all of the Social Financing/Funding…thought you said ‘piermont’, but when i ggogled that there is nothing on this…can you clarify please..


  6. Tony,
    Don’t you think it’s a bad idea to talk about a trial in China and bribes etc untill it’s over to give these guys some kind of a fair go.
    Bad news i say.
    Big Tas

  7. Hi Tony. Thanks for the fantastic show night after night. I”ve been listening for about fifteen years now and I’m still in awe of the variety of topics you discuss. New to computers, I’ve found, takes a few weeks before you can say Oh yeah I can do that. Well I hope I’ve done this right. Marie.

  8. g’day tony. along time ago you replayed ‘phylamel Cottage’ for me i missed the final episode. Well, did’nt think that it would be repeated that day because the guy at the ABC said give tony a couple of weeks to reply. So I checked my e-mail 2 weeks later and found that you had replayed it on the night!
    i still don’t know how it finished! And guess what I can’t get that tape anywhere on the the planet!
    I know it is by Agatha Christie and it is a short story. I can’t even get the book. I have hired a team of
    detectives to look for it, (joke). I know it is from the BBC. What can i do?

    kind regards,
    Russell. PS my stepbrother is Ross Duncan, he works in the legal dept. maybe you can tell him what can I do. Thanx, love ya show, and I miss Deb Cameron.

  9. The trouble is with the carbon tax is that it is an accounts idea of a solution to the problem. I would have thought a scientific doing kind of solution would have been more direct. If we want an accountants solution then we only have to have a look at the train wreck of so many economies to get an idea as to where we are going. No wonder we have sceptics!

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    blogs? I have a blog centered on the same information you discuss and would
    love to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would value your work.
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  11. Tony you are great with such a pleasant manner. Is there any chance for less talking and more questions instead? Drives us mad! Other people have made same remark to us.

    1. Tony you have a nice manner but wish you could shorten chatter from callers. Sometimes it just goes on and on and you wonder if it is a quiz show!

  12. Hi. I want to play the quiz but only text my answers. But im not sure what to do. Do i just text the answer or do i have to include my name and town? Thanks 🙂

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