50 Most Powerful Blogs, 100 Christian Blogs and popular vs powerful

I’ve cut and paste to make a list – for a summary on each one that is in the top 50 list and why, go to The Guardian: huffingtonpost.com boingboing.net techcrunch.com (UnkyDunky etc) kottke.org dooce.com (sacked for blogging) perezhilton.com (you know you want it) talkingpointsmemo.com icanhascheezburger.com (cats and the first Internet language) beppegrillo.it gawker.com drudgereport.com…

I’ve cut and paste to make a list – for a summary on each one that is in the top 50 list and why, go to The Guardian:

  1. huffingtonpost.com
  2. boingboing.net
  3. techcrunch.com (UnkyDunky etc)
  4. kottke.org
  5. dooce.com (sacked for blogging)
  6. perezhilton.com (you know you want it)
  7. talkingpointsmemo.com
  8. icanhascheezburger.com (cats and the first Internet language)
  9. beppegrillo.it
  10. gawker.com
  11. drudgereport.com
  12. blog.sina.com.cn/xujinglei
  13. treehugger.com *waves* hello I know you visit 🙂
  14. microsiervos.com
  15. TMZ.com
  16. engadget.com
  17. marbury.typepad.com I love West Wing
  18. chezpim.typepad.com
  19. basicthinking.de/blog
  20. thesartorialist.blogspot.com
  21. studentsforafreetibet.org
  22. jezebel.com
  23. gigazine.net
  24. girlwithaonetrackmind.blogspot.com similar to Belle de Jour now a journo o.O
  25. mashable.com
  26. stephanieklein.blogs.com
  27. holymoly.co.uk
  28. www.michellemalkin.com
  29. crankyflier.com
  30. gofugyourself.typepad.com
  31. gapingvoid.com (Hi Hugh on @twitter/gapingvoid )
  32. dirtydirtydancing.com
  33. crookedtimber.org
  34. bean-sprouts.blogspot.com
  35. theoffside.com Soccer fans – I think I met this guy? *puzzled* it was sport tho….
  36. petiteanglaise.com
  37. crooksandliars.com 200m visitors
  38. chocolateandzucchini.com I blogged about this one before
  39. samizdata.net passion and politics
  40. andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com
  41. thefword.org.uk Feminism, not F**k, you got a dirty mind!
  42. privatesecretdiary.com
  43. popjustice.com
  44. waiterrant.net
  45. hecklerspray.com
  46. WoWinsider.com One of the few blogs I visit regularly-ish
  47. angryblackbitch.blogspot.com
  48. stylebubble.typepad.com Fashion
  49. afterellen.com Lesbian politics
  50. copyblogger.com online writing
  51. laurelpapworth.com (Hmmm, I meant to put me in ZERO, not 51 😛 )

Reasons to read the original post at the Guardian Observer: They’ve got a paragraph or two on each blog. They have a comments area:

Join the Debate: If you would like to comment about our choice of blogs, go to blogs.guardian.co.uk/digitalcontent

They have really funny last lines that start with Least Likely To Post:

Least likely to post ‘YouTube? It’ll never catch on’ (TechCrunch)
Least likely to post ‘We can only wish Rupert Murdoch well with his new venture’ Gawker

How many of these powerful blogs are owned by traditional mainstream media?
What are the top 50 blogs in YOUR industry? Getting into these blogs might get you swamped temporarily, but for long term effect you need to be engaged with the top 50 bloggers in Travel or Publishing or whatever your gig is.
Dunno which blogs to read? Join the Attention Economy Support Group today! 😛 Actually that cartoon is from a post on the top Christian blogs including:

Christian Blog Awards,
Top 100 Christian blogs
30 Most influential religion blogs

Know your demographic, know what they get up to, go where they read – pffft you guys know this stuff!

Are the most powerful blogs the most read? Check out Megalicious Blogpond for Australia’s top 100 based on Alexa and Technorati rankings. Something odd has happened over there – I used to be on the list, now I’m not, yet my daily visitors have tripled in the last six weeks. I’m not fussed – I write very niche, not mainstream – and I guess things will right themselves soon. Meg has a hard time because Australians don’t blog on an Australian platform. How would anyone even know this blog was by an Aussie unless you came here, read it and checked out the profile etc? Good thing we are starting to list ourselves. But back to the question – is problogger (about how to make money blogging) a powerful blog, a popular blog or a massively well read niche blog?

Any blog can have it’s moment in the sun – look at Damien Mully with his Sky Handling are C**Ts post. But sustainable connections means engaging and communicating with people who are passionate about the subjects you are passionate about.

Anyway, get blogging. You can’t effect social change if you just sit there reading about it. Heh.

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  1. Yup the list is fickle like that, and is rather skewed towards the tech and “blog about blogging” type blogs. I wish there was a more “definitive” way of measuring. What makes a blog a “top” blog? Number of visitors, number of comments, number of subscribers, number of links, age, pagerank, quality of writing, relevancy…? All we can do is measure what is readily (and easily) quantifiable, but at the end of the day – to each his (or her) own.

    What is powerful is not necessarily popular, and what is popular not necessarily powerful. A well defined niche blog has the potential to be powerful within that niche. For example a post on ProBlogger about a newly released blogging service would be powerful, but a post about Australian Politics much less so – because it’s not relevant to much of the audience.

    It pains me to see wonderful blogs like yours fall off the list (and not by much I should add), I just haven’t been able to come up with a workable alternative 🙁

  2. Hey beautiful, I promise, I wasn’t whinging. Much. 😛

    I often think of the 90:9:1 rule (90% we read, 9% we comment or vote, 1% we are motivated to action by the blog post). If the blog doesn’t ‘hit us where we live’ it’s not going to be that powerful 🙂

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  4. Blogs now a days have become a hub for information and experience sharing. It is also a good way to relay information when it happens as it happens. But we also must be careful to those who are giving out wrong ideas and implications.

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