This is for a presentation I gave as a seminar on Thursday. We (Gary Hayes from LAMP and I) structured Thursday for speakers to 50 people on their social media marketing campaigns. On Friday, I ran a one-day hands-on computer course on how to do a social media marketing campaign. Both days were run through the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) LAMP program.

I started with explaining the structure of connecting to social networks and then pointed out that campaigns are just one – but crucial – feature of engaging with online communities. Both my 30 min talk and the one-day workshop are based on this cycle in a campaign: 

Diagram Social Media Marketing Campaign

Diagram Social Media Marketing Campaign

Nutshell time: 

  1. More than listen/stalking, really understand what the community are doing. Rituals like RT (retweet) on Twitter. Or HT (hat tip) on blogs. 
  2. Create some content – depth of content I mean – so that when people look at your Twitter profile, then can see a connection to your blog or LinkedIn or Facebook or whatever pages. You exist elsewhere and have a voice/personality
  3. Discuss what they are discussing. Give some help, be useful, answer – non campaign! – questions, 
  4. Respectfully promote your own stuff. Competitions, activities. Most companies jump in HERE. Then have to go back and build the relationship and trust through points 1 -3 . Don’t be that person! 
  5. Measure, measure, measure. KPIs against actuals. Sure number of followers of your Twitter account is important but what about sentiment or exposure vs reach on Twitter? 

You get the idea… 

SilkCharm proving the mouse is mightier than the... chalk?

SilkCharm proving the mouse is mightier than the... powerpoint?

The workshop yesterday was fun – for me anyway. I split the class into 3 and gave them a 1 million dollar campaign each, to pitch. Then we worked through what we could do as a purely social media campaign. Just a game really, but a great way to get online, find communities, do some blogging, tagging, measuring and so on. Not a lot you can do in one day but when I read out the winner (it was a real competition run a while ago by AdAge) the class were impressed with what they came up with in comparison. 

By the way, my powerpoint above is currently a presentation of the day at Slideshare hence the few hundred views since yesterday. If you hate powerpoint presentations you’ll probably love this video – it’s hilarious.

Microsoft PowerPoint: How To Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations

Hi, My Name’s Laurel and I’m a PowerPoint Addict. Signing Off….