3 Mobile Broadband - Take the Internet with you - Download your Free Mobile Broadband Information Kit
Please cover your ears and eyes, your childrens’ ears and eyes, and probably the dog’s too.

Friggin’ stupid marketing moronic idiotic moronic loser bonehead marketing dipstick dummy moronic wallys – did I mention moronic? – marketing jerks that 3 Business Mobile Broadband employs.

I wanted to find out about “Make your workforce more productive with $29 mobile broadband” – it’s not a whitepaper full of research goodness, not an invite to a private launch, not anything of value other than sales information. And this is the hoops I have to jump through. (Click on this to see the bigger picture, or click here to register.)
Why such a big barrier of entry to get information that might result in a sale? Am I, the moronic business person, clearly not to be trusted with a sales brochure unless I reveal a tonne of stuff about my company? It’s bad enough I have to fill in these forms when it’s useful to me – such as when I join a social network or a social media site – but seriously, not when I just want the sales guff. No, I didn’t fill the form in – they can go take a running jump…

And yes. I know. its how we are always treated online. I am just so not in the mood for it right now. Cat’s coming over to buy me an afternoon coffee and cake. I might come back feeling guilty about slanging off and delete this post. But right now, it stays.

Some clever clogs tell me why it’s so important to find out all that background before sending me the sales brochure, and I’ll apologise. Nicely. And mean it. But you had better wait until after the post-4pm latte/cake. And keep out of my way in the meantime. Grrrr. 😛