1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s tolerable when you’re getting something useful — like survey information — so you’re swapping your privacy for something interesting. But to have to do that just so they can try to sell you something is nonsense.

  2. You’re back on my good books, Steven. 😛

    Exploding Chocolate Cake at Spring Cafe in Challis Avenue does wonders to restore equilibrium in this crazy online marketing world. Try some. 🙂

  3. 3 mobile are not my favourites atm, either. First I’ll tell my story. I lost my 3Mobile phone 2 weeks ago (yes, there was alcohol and taxis involved). Got the service switched off as you should do, but, no, I can’t access my voice mail or get message because it’s ALL THE SAME PLATFORM. Once off, all off. I had effectively disapeared.

    In case my phone turned up I had to wait before replacing it. Since the network is some fancy new one, all my old phones (all 4 of them) don’t work, so couldn’t just pop a SIM card in. So I went to Telstra and got a prepaid SIM and new number.

    Even though I’ve had exploding chocolate cake too, I’m not calm about 3mobile and their stupid questions.

    ah, that’s feels better. (justified) rants are good for you (and so is chocky cake)

  4. Disclaimer: The above respondent (cat)is my dealer. Citron tart, exploding chocolate cake – she’s da man with da connections. Preying on my emotional highs (and lows) cat feeds my addiction. Bless her. 😛

  5. Laurel – don’t delete the post – send it to “the consumerist” website (and maybe someone at 3 as well!)

  6. That consumerist site is interesting… I had a poke around.

    I’m not sending it to 3 – someone there approved it. In spite of the flaws being really bleeding obvious… It’ll be like dobbing in a corrupt cop to a corrupt superior. i.e. a waste of time.

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