Rockinโ€™ Girl Blogger

Oh ok, you guys might be cool, and cute, and clever clogs:

2web is a group of Australian BOY bloggers and GUY entrepreneurs who are passionate about web 2.0. What we MALES all have in common is that through our businesses and blogging we MEN develop, implement and evangelise web 2.0 ideas around web services, open standards, new media, blogs and the web as a platform.

(Ummm I added the bits in bold)

But those sexeh Beasts of Blogging – Duncan Riley, Ben Barren, Cameron Reilly, Nik Cubrilovic, Martin Wells, Darren Rowse, James Farmer, Alan Jones, Richard Giles – had better listen up; where are the girls? Hmmm Ladies, Megalicious, Katie, Cat, Emily, Priscilla, Chezza, Bronwen Clune, we gotta get together, get a plan, give some punishment. Whatjareckon? ๐Ÿ˜›

Hat tip: Meg Tsiamis who had the post Rockin’ Girl Blogger nearly a month ago.

NO BOYS ALLOWED: I created a FaceBook group called Wild Wicked Wanton Women of Web 2.0 Australia). I figured we could y’know meet there and discuss baking cookies and knitting patterns.