2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Lists: the old way has gone. Dear students, In this video lecture I walk you through creating Facebook Business Pages especially for LISTS. Why do you want lists? Oh to keep an eye on your industry, to see best practices from your fellow travellers, to find content to share, to watch out what NOT to do and so on.

So for example, I want a list of all Farmers’ and Growers Markets and Stalls Facebook Business Pages so I can see in one long toilet roll of Facebook updates, all the Facebook updates from those Facebook Business Pages and only those Facebook Business Pages. We used to have an Interests Lists function, but Facebook removed it.

  • We create a Facebook Business Page for that List – let’s call it Grower’s Market Facebook List Page or something
  • then use the  “Like Pages as Page” feature on the 3rd party Business Pages. In other words, like a Facebook Business Page as your Facebook Business Page (not your personal profile).
  • so we get a curated newsfeed at Pages Feed on the right hand side of our own Facebook Business Page.

Basically this


Then this

Now when we go to our “Lists” Page, we see all the news from the Farmers’ and Growers’ Markets and Stands.

Oh yeah Facebook I’m still upset about you taking that away from us – I used lists in my online courses and my University workshops

In case Facebook destroys my video here’s the YouTube version 😉

Love ya all!

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