Aug 022012

How are you using rituals and values to create celebrated divisions in your online community? Even offline communities break down into tribes – which is the last step of my 12 step online community strategy framework. Swarms or tribes or Teams or whatever you want to call them are united on Purpose (the purpose of the community) but divided on Values (the options/variables). In other words, we come together on a topic but divide on how it should be addressed. This creates story, interest and passion. In a politically correct world, marketers fail to address fundamental value issues such as where do you stand? CEOs don’t speak up, advertising is pushing product not brand equity. As we enter into the social economy, we learn that those that stand for nothing fall for anything (Alexander Hamilton)  and that is not what your consumer wants from you. To take it further, if you have access to a publishing medium, you had better stand for something:  all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing – Edmund Burke. Where is your online community strategy making strong statements? Where is your social media campaign clearly identifying with a community value? And I don’t mean a 10% discount on your products… Vote #TeamSilkCharm now! :P

Chickfila recently announced that gays weren’t welcome at their stores. That would be a brand putting out their value systems. So John Goodman and the team at Funny or Die hijacked the KFC brand and put out an alternative brand value. That would be humans doing what they do best – choosing what side they are on. *laughs*

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) — In Rock Hill, S.C., Wednesday, customers were waiting 75 minutes for a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, when they could have driven down the road to McDonald’s and been in and out in five minutes.

About 50 people wait outside a Chick-fil-A in Kansas City, Kan., waiting to get inside on “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.” Across the nations, Chick-fil-A restaurants were packed. Photo by Malachi O’Brien

It surely seemed strange to at least a few observers, but the folks in Rock Hill — and at jam-packed Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country — were making a statement, standing up for a chain that has been criticized by media members, politicians and activist groups because of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s support for the biblical definition of marriage.

“Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” as organizer Mike Huckabee called it, may have been more successful than even he envisioned. More than 625,000 people had signed up on Facebook to participate, and it seemed that each one came — and brought a friend
(via Baptist press)

So KFC should’ve done this video themselves (?) but it’s probably better someone else did as KFC would’ve toned it down.

Every time you see a TV show with TeamJoel or TeamChristina or you play a computer game with Alliance vs Hordes, or Vampires vs Zombies just remember that it’s part of the marketing strategy. Because you unite people on the Purpose (to watch an audition show) but divide them on values (who should win) you create tension and interest. How often do you see that in advertising or marketing in general (not sports marketing) ? Is it all either good (aspirational) or bad (fear) and nothing in between. How can you divide your community to conquer them hmmm?

If your community is up in arms about something and you have nothing to say, you are irrelevant and wasting your time, personnel and money attempting to participate. Time to man up (or woman up). Social Media marketing is fun and important and more interesting than counting banner ads and Facebook Likes.

NOTE: For the purposes of this article, I’m not pro or anti gay. I am as much interested in anti-gay Chick-a-fila Appreciation Day rite of passage as I am in the KFC parody for pro-gay support. However personally I would buy KFC. Except I’m on a diet so I have to go find some pro gay marriage tuna and salad. :(

PS If you still aren’t convinced, and believe everyone just wants to get along in social media,  I want to ask you – #TeamFacebook or #TeamTwitter or #TeamGooglePlus? yeah, thought so. :D

via Laughing Squid

UPDATE: Chick-A-Fila introduces a Hate Sauce :another parody. Amusing if it wasn’t sad. Sad if it wasn’t amusing. You choose. #AndThatsThePoint

Apr 122011

I‘ve rebranded my Social Media Business podcast last week – let me know what you think! This episode: social network for arty crafty types makes $400m, massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft makes 1.2 billion (but still deletes my account!). Also, we managed the Junior Masterchef online communities (Facebook, blogs, forums) and keeping kids safe online against their own efforts! Issues with moving a client from Facebook Personal Profile to Business Page Migration (don’t do it!) and also the launch of our brand spanking new Social Media Q&A online community forum at The Community Crew. Is there anything Continue Reading…

Sep 242009

Pizza Kitchen are sued for trashing a marketing company while on Facebook and Twitter. Social media staff guidelines FTW!

Mar 142009

When I wrote about Generations of Fear: Each generation is motivated by a hope and a fear. The hope is that we ‘leave the world a better place than when we entered it’ or ‘want a better life for my children’. Fears tend to change with each generation . From where I sit, Boomers feared lack of security – keep your job, don’t move house, look after the family. A few wars and the threat of nuclear destruction will do that to even die-hard risk takers. Stick at the same job/company so that your children have a better start in Continue Reading…

Mar 112009

WINNER OF MASTERCLASS TICKET CAPTION WILL GO HERE!!!! Mumbles doesn’t believe that Yours Truly would be caught dead in a newsagency. Well, here’s your proof – loitering with intent to pick up a marketing heritage mag.  As he now owes me a free pass to his Social Media Extravaganza Advanced Uber MasterClass, And in the meantime, I’m more intrigued by the idea of you being spotted in a newsagent. I may run a competition – first person to email Mumbrella a photo of Laurel buying a newspaper or magazine wins a free place at out social media masterclass… (Tim Burrowes) Continue Reading…

Feb 062009

This video has nearly 8,000 comments. A lot of companies, governments, brands, famous people think that creating some content (in isolation) shoving it up on a social media channel and never looking at it again (unless there is a negative comment, cos y’know, we have to protect our ‘image’) is engagement. Well, for me it’s not. Look at the last part of the this video where she responds to some comments left on her channel. Can anyone name a corporate video on YouTube that does responds actively to comments?  I think one of the American politicians did – last year?  Continue Reading…

Dec 162008

What’s more fun than creating a video in isolation and uploading it to the social network for comments? Well, how about creating the video live, inviting the social network to participate. Basically a webcam broadcasting out in real time. Stickam is one such site: From the Stickam page: Welcome to Stickam, where you can … Enjoy live interactive entertainment. Host your own live show. Talk with family and friends. Meet people who share your interests There’s a few of these Citizen Broadcaster sites now. Mogulus, UStream, I wrote more on it in Video 3.0: Social Video. Oh and let’s not Continue Reading…

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