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See what I mean about a social media press release – online, accessible, TWEETABLE.

Social Media Circulation vs Exposure/Reach

Circulation is how many people subscribe to your news. Reach is how many people forwarded your news. In emails it’s how many subscribers vs how many forwarded emails. On Facebook it’s number of Likes vs number of shares. On Twitter it’s number of followers vs number of retweets. How many people joined you vs how many people are acting on your information. No point having 3.5 million followers if none of them retweet your stuff. Are they even seeing it?

Building your own influence means building your channel. Lance has over 3 and 1/2 million followers. HE IS the industry organisation. I mean, if you define an industry organisation as collecting members who are interested in a subject… he could absolutely take on the official bodies when it comes to public relations. I guess he is doing exactly that with his last tweet (see below).

I checked the impact of his 14,039 retweets. I think it was around another 4 million – see the report below. Anybody who says social media is NOT broadcast but only niche, needs to rethink the numbers. After all 7 or 8 million received that tweet in their news-stream. That’s broadcast by anyone’s book surely? If the document below is loading slowly try this link on Scribd. Don’t forget to click FULL SCREEN or it’s like trying to read a tiny YouTube clip 😛

Sure,  gain 3 or 4 million followers on Twitter – but make sure that you get 14 or 15 thousand retweets when you need them. Either wise you are collecting tumbleweed.  And remember – if you are NOT an influencer in the network you want to influence, someone who IS will get your message out for you. But at what cost?

Jun 212009

Please add the ChipIn widget to your Facebook or blog and help raise money for Wonderwebby, Jasmin Tragas Filipino Womens Trust Bank.

Mar 172009

How do you know who has clicked through on a link, how many times and the sum of click thrus on retweets? Let Auntie SilkCharm explain. In dot points: Sign up to Tweetburner Add Twurl button to your toolbar Monitor pages twurled on yr archive page e.g. Click the barchart graphic for more information – retweets for example, Twitter apps used, time of clickthroughs. In pictures. Go to Tweetburner, sign up, you’ll end up with a URL like Drag the Orange thingie to your toolbar. This means that whenever you are on a page you want to Tweet Continue Reading…

Mar 112009

Stephen Fry showing why heritage media hate social media and why we hardly notice (hat tip: John Lacey): If people (lp: famous) want to announce their new this or their new that, they’re going “I’m not going to do an interview, I’m not going to sit in the Dorchester for seven days having one interviewer after another come to me, I’m just going to Tweet it, and point them to my website and forget the press“.And the press are already struggling enough – God knows they’ve already lost their grip on news to some extent. If they lose their grip Continue Reading…

Nov 262008

… but not on Heritage Media.TweetGrid video (click HIGH DEFINITION on YouTube site if you want to read words clearly) First. The bombings in Mumbai are shocking. Loss of life, fear, a tragedy being played out live is not Entertainment. CNN seems to be covering the hotel damage more than the people lost but to be fair, it’s a visual medium and buildings burning show more than statistics in a broadcast medium. Twitterers are all over it. People are videoing in the streets, taking photos, reporting back to their social networks. CNN coverage is simply not up to scratch, nor Continue Reading…

Jul 292008

That title Corporate Social Media looks funny doesn’t it? I mean, some people still think of ‘social‘ as ‘party‘. Like, Corey from Melbourne on MySpace. They don’t realise that ‘social‘ means ‘society‘ – friends and family, yes, but also sports heroes and politicians and other leaders, and those we deem tabloid worthy – the Angelina Jolie’s and Britney’s of our social sphere. I wonder if we had changed from online communities to customer communities or consumer networks if it would’ve looked less jarring? Corporate Customer Media or similar? I think companies will move their Corporate Social Responsibility front and centre Continue Reading…