Mar 222014

Cancer Research UK riffed off of the grassroots  #NoMakeupSelfie campaign and “accidentally” raised $2 million. Social Media vs Slactivism? ROI of social media in Not for profit and charity space. Why are we SLACTIVISTS when #NoMakeupSelfie shows that Social Media CAN raise money?



Charities and Not For Profits regularly trash social media as slactivism – slack activists that would rather click Like or Share or Retweet than “do something”. Like give the charity MONEY. This is absurd. FYI for me personally, I regularly invest/donate into peer, grassroots stuff like Kickstarter, Pozible and JustGiving. Traditional (inept, hierarchal and ineffctive/boring) NFPs? Not so much.

Selfies are the New Paparazzi – the documenting of Life of Self…

Paparazzi follow and document Celebs lives. Historically priests and monks documented the lives of Kings and Lords. Authors write Bios on other authors. Social Media democratises all that – we now take selfies (photos taken by ourselves of ourselves & those nearby) – rather than waiting for someone else to decide our lives are “interesting”.

ROI of #SocialMedia

From the Telegraph:

The ‘no make-up selfie’ trend, where women post selfies without wearing make-up, has now raised more than £2 million for Cancer Research UK.
Yesterday, the charity said it had received more than £1 million in donations from 800,000 text donations, but this has now doubled in another 24 hours.
The campaign, which began on social media on Tuesday afternoon, asks women to post photos of themselves online without make-up, with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie.

Cancer Research UK told Telegraph Wonder Women that the response has been “overwhelming” and completely taken them by surprise.

Nice numbers. By the Way – Tuesday is #GivingTuesday. Put it in your Conversation Diary.

Remember: social media is about them, not you. Turning a slactivist into a donator/activist is just a matter of changing focus. Oh and key influencers, strong call to actions etc. But if they are ONLY Liking your Facebook Page and retweeting you, it’s YOUR fault, not theirs… (all perceived grammar inaccuracies were a figment of your imagination and nothing to do with @smoonjuice getting all English teacher on me…).

May 072013

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Apr 172012

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May 252011

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Apr 222010

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Oct 042009

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Feb 092009

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Jan 132009

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