Jan 072009

Daniela is staying with blogger (and social diagram maker extraordinaire) David Armano. You can read her story here – basically, escaping¬† from an abusive marriage, she is a Romanian immigrant, with 3 children to support, one with Down’s Sydnrome. Daniela cleans house when she can for pennies.¬† David Armano and family are putting the family up at the Armano house.

What is interesting is the ClipIn. David tweeted at about 10am this morning Sydney time.

By 6:30 tonight, he had $9, 600 – nearly double what he was asking ($5000), and all within a day – well before the February 6 deadline. Out of about 8,000 twitter followers (he is @darmano on Twitter) , 12,000 RSS readers and goodness knows how many blog readers,¬† 294 contributors had donated. Dont’ forget, they wouldn’t all be followers of David or readers of his blog. One of the things he asked people to do, was re-tweet or re-blog. Like I’m doing – the Ripple Effect in action. In fact, the news was broken to me that he was fundraising by Ari Herzog. (@Ariherzog)

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