Feb 052009

… everything I ever learnt about blogging, I learnt from Womens Weakly and No Idea. So when people put together lists of “interesting twitterers” and less interesting ones 😛 I rushed off to find a celebrity list. Here from The Times (I’ve simplified it, go look at their page for more details):

Famous Twits, the number of followers, link to twitter profile
1. Stephen Fry: 98616 http://twitter.com/stephenfry
2. Lance Armstrong: 53813 http://twitter.com/lancearmstrong
3. Britney Spears: 53290 http://twitter.com/britneyspears
4. Rick Sanchez: 48825 http://twitter.com/ricksanchezcnn
5. Shaquille O’Neill: 46296 http://twitter.com/THE_REAL_SHAQ
6. John Cleese: 44142 http://twitter.com/JohnCleese
7. Jonathan Ross: 43432 http://twitter.com/Wossy
8. Al Gore: 38351 http://twitter.com/algore
9. MC Hammer: 34042 http://twitter.com/MCHammer
10. John Hodgman: 32097 http://twitter.com/hodgman
11. Jimmy Fallon: 27163 http://twitter.com/jimmyfallon
12. Dave Matthews: 24064 http://twitter.com/DaveJMatthews
13. Neil Gaiman: 17705 http://twitter.com/neilhimself
14. Philip Schofield: 17291 http://twitter.com/Schofe
15. Russell Brand: 15673 http://twitter.com/rustyrockets
16 Alan Carr: 12,294 http://twitter.com/AlanCarr
17. Demi Moore: 11655 http://twitter.com/mrskutcher
18. Arnold Schwarzenegger: 11147 http://twitter.com/schwarzenegger
19. Jimmy Carr: 8827 http://twitter.com/jimmycarr
20. Kevin Smith: 8379 http://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith
21. William Shatner: 7599 http://twitter.com/WilliamShatner
22. Snoop Doggy Dogg: 7549 https://twitter.com/snoopdogg
23. Karl Rove: 7233 http://twitter.com/KarlRove
24. Paulo Coelho: 5722 http://twitter.com/paulocoelho
25. David Mitchell: 5465 http://twitter.com/RealDMitchell
26. Soulja Boy: 5425 http://twitter.com/souljaboytellem
27. Charlie Brooker: 5338 http://twitter.com/charltonbrooker
28. Luke Wilson: 4809 http://twitter.com/LukeWilson
29. Andy Murray: 4758 http://twitter.com/andy_murray
30. Rob Brydon: 4673 http://twitter.com/RealRobBrydon
31. Joe Trippi: 4644 http://twitter.com/JoeTrippi
32. Graham Linehan: 4071 http://twitter.com/Glinner
33. Andi Peters: 4021 http://twitter.com/xxandip
34. Will Carling: 3115 http://twitter.com/willcarling
35. Boris Johnson: 2281 http://twitter.com/MayorOfLondon
36. Michael Phelps: 2239 http://twitter.com/Michael_Phelps
37. Jamie Oliver: 2140 http://twitter.com/Jamie_Oliver
38. Elijah Wood: 2118 http://twitter.com/elijahwood
39. Tim Minchin: 1965 http://twitter.com/timminchin
40. Rachel Bilson: 1720 http://twitter.com/rachel_bilson
41. Mischa Barton: 1672 http://twitter.com/MischaBarton
42. Yoko Ono: 1199 http://twitter.com/yokoono
43. Eli Manning: 1328 http://twitter.com/elimanning
44. Regina Spektor: 1293 http://twitter.com/reginaspektor
45. George Lucas: 973 http://twitter.com/George_Lucas
46. Jamie Cullum: 929 http://twitter.com/jamiecullum
47. Xzibit: 661 http://twitter.com/mrxtothaz
48. Richard Herring: 513 http://twitter.com/Herring1967
49. Roots Manuva: 388 http://twitter.com/rootsmanuva
50. Toby Young: 103 http://twitter.com/toadmeister4

So, who are Australia’s Celebrity Twitterers?

mark-pesceMark Pesce, on a train with much loved Macintosh

  1. Mark Pesce, New Inventors http://twitter.com/mpesce
  2. Malcolm Turnbull, Leader of the Opposition http://twitter.com/turnbullmalcolm
  3. Stilgherrian, God amongst men http://twitter.com/stilgherrian
  4. Lance Armstrong ( as above)
  5. FAKE!! TomPetrovski Commsec late night news on Channel Ten http://twitter.com/TomPetrovski
  6. The Grates, Band http://twitter.com/thegrates (thanks @barrysaunders )
  7. Tim Minchin (as above) (thanks @joshsharp)
  8. Guy Sebastien Aussie Idol winner http://twitter.com/guysebastian (thanks @warwraith)
  9. School of Rock *laughs* http://twitter.com/schoolofrock (thanks @servantofchaos)
  10. Hamish and Andy http://twitter.com/hamishandandy

Who else? Any soap stars, minor B grade stars, Cafe Tropicana hangers on?   Kevin Rudd is not on my list in the same way that Obama is not on The Times list – it has to be really them, not an aide. So none of those faux Agency run Twitter accounts for musicians/bands either. Agreed?  I noticed that Drew Barrymore only twittered a few times, and even though Ev helped her, she stopped. Niall Cook at Hill and Knowlton has a good take on the “celebrity broadcasting following but not following back/no engagement” thing. He calls it Twitter losing it’s cool.

By the way, this is for a film/tv/writers conference I am doing later in the year, but feel free to contribute, use whatever. Oh, and tell New Idea that I am available to write ‘celebrity tweets” for them. 😛

Sep 092008

Want a list of Australian CEOs that are on Twitter? Scroll to the bottom. Business Week have a piece on each CEO that uses the so-called ‘microblogging’ service Twitter. I don’t like the term micro-blogging when applied to Twitter as it’s less of a one-to-many asynch depth of content site like a video blog or a multimedia blog and more of a few-to-few synchronous chat channel. Tweets From the Chiefs The best chief executives are nothing if not efficient, and what’s more efficient than 140-character memos? Microblogging site Twitter is the latest tech tool to enter the C-suite. Whether they Continue Reading…

Jul 192007

Malcolm Turnbull, without budgie smugglers Malcolm Turnbull, Australian politician extraordinaire. Malcolm who blogs (oh ok, it’s his pets who blog, but we can’t vote for them). Malcolm, our soon to be Prime Minister, no? He-who-has-a-Facebook-page. So the question is this:Zombie or …. Vampire you make a hot Vampire! Tell the world! Decisions. Decisions. Can’t be of-the-community yet apart-from-the-community can one? Embrace it or reject it. In the future, pollies will be judged by how well they embrace rather than use social networks. But it’s easy to forgive Malcolm any mistakes right at this point in time (even if he never Continue Reading…

Hey Aussies! Got Something To Say?

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Feb 032006

As a follow up on my bite on politics, the press gallery and Australian collaborative journalism, go have a look at The National Forum. We recognise that to be successful this revolution must involve everyone: that it must harness and focus all the forces of civil and political society across the whole spectrum of views. To that end we have already enlisted as members some significant Australian institutions including the University of Sydney, the Brisbane Institute, QUT, the Local Government Association of Queensland, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy and Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, as well as Continue Reading…