Nov 292012

Your social currency, your digital footprint and therefore your social reputation is available online. This article explores social media and job interviews. Or at least I want you to help me explore it :)

Been for a job interview lately? I’m interested to know if you were asked any of these questions:
– I read your blog, can you explain more on your blog post ….
– how many followers do you have on Twitter? We noticed you are connected to some journalists, can you explain your relationship with them?
– what is your Klout score? Will you link and retweet and share our content if we employ you?
– how would you handle, or how have you handled disagreements online?
– who are in your social network – any politicians, vendors,
– we noticed you dont have testimonials from past employers on your LinkedIn account. Why?
– do you make Facebook friends with the clients of your past employer. Will you notify them on Facebook you are now working here?

Have you interviewed someone and had any of this stuff thrown at you by prospective staff?
– can I blog about my work and industry?
– I have a high level of media crossover from my Twitter followers – can I continue to engage with Press & public speaking!
– if I leave, I will be keeping my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook connections I have built during my time with you. Can you put that in my contract?
– will you retweet my stuff and link to me?
– and usual questions eg can I use Facebook at work, is LinkedIn blocked at firewall. Anything else?


The discussion above is from Glassdoor – a site that asks staff to discuss their employer. In this case Engineers at Apple.
The world is changing has changed. What say you?

Jun 122008

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May 082008

For an experienced Community Manager: ‘RedBubble is looking for an experienced Senior Community Manager. A person with ‘hands-on’ experience who understands the dynamics of building, growing and shepherding Internet based societies and importantly a person knows how to harness the possibilities created by a strong and vibrant community. The Senior Community Manager will form part of the management team of the company and report directly to the Managing Director.’ Must be located in Melbourne (or I’d do it :P) . Must have hands-on community management background (not evangelists, soz). I’ve blogged jobs for them before. With RedBubble you can: * Continue Reading…

Apr 282007

Huge potential to make a massive impact here – fundamentals of an offline community needing online tools, and peer-to-peer support. Heartfelt stuff: Digital Content Editor: Are you passionate about online delivery? Innovative new online project Targeted at a teen audience Bring your CMS expertise The Starlight Children’s Foundation is a leading national charity with a mission to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalized children and their families across Australia. Starlight is supported through the generosity of Corporate and Community supporters and individuals. This is a new role for a new program which will be delivered on line for Continue Reading…

Jan 152007

From Cnet about a 10 months ago: Despite the fact that it can be a bit of a mess at times, I love Wikipedia. I’m an information fiend (the kind of geeky kid that asked for encyclopedias for Christmas), and all those Web pages are an amazing source of great–if not always accurate and objective–facts and data. And now I’m pleased to hear I can get all that goodness on the go. Wikipedia has introduced a mobile version for cell phones and PDAs. You’ll get access to all links both in and outside the site, but due to bandwidth limitations, Continue Reading…

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