Jul 102014

When a friend Circles you on Google Plus, Google sets as default everything to “opted in”. Your friend then yells at you for spamming them which is totally unfair. Tell ‘em to read this to fix it. The first thing is to go to MY CALENDARS in Google Calendar. This is linked to your Gmail account and you can get there through calendar.google.com.

Google does two things

  1. auto adds events you are invited to, to your calendar
  2. auto-updates you EVERY time that event is updated.

You can change one or both of those things.

Video – go to 09:55 for the calendar part…

STEP 1: Change Auto Add to Calendar a Google Plus Event/Hangout

Click on My Calendars (the ALL calendars area) and then click on Settings. https://www.google.com/calendar/render

Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 3
Then make sure you are on GENERAL and scroll down to this section- the default is to auto-add events to calendar.

Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 5

STEP 2: Change NOTIFICATIONS For A Google Plus Event/Hangout
Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 1

You have to do this for EACH calendar you connect to Google Plus if you are being pinged with emails and SMS messages.
Calendar- Event Spam Google Hangouts 2
Hope this helps someone….

Apr 302014

Should your business bother with social media, Google Plus and SEO/SMO? Does Google Plus make a difference to Google Search? How do social reviews online change search? If your customers find you by searching on Google, you might want to consider these three points:

Apr 272013

Will Google Plus fold YouTube, Gmail and Places into Google Plus? Suddenly 1.5 billion users on one platform, with one page to manage. Good or no? Oh, and it suddenly screws with your SEO (search engine optimisation) and SMO (social media optimisation) in ways that you can only imagine.

Jun 112012

Are you looking for a social media course? Facebook Timeline, Twitter, Google Plus for Business Pages, Pinterest, Foursquare, blogging? Here are a list of current and upcoming courses and social media training in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other locations. Facebook, Twitter, google plus education by a well known and respected social media consultant Laurel Papworth

Jan 312012

If you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane I am teaching some one day hands on courses on social media campaigns, Facebook and Twitter, also 1/2 day courses on LinkedIn or Google Plus. Handson means the practical exercises are computer based (we have a lab).  Please forward this (Share on Facebook, Tweet it, email, whatevs ) to anyone you think might be interested?  If you want to do a course with me later on, want early bird pricing, or just general tips on social media, you can also signup for my enewsletter (stuff that doesn’t make it on to the blog). Social Continue Reading…

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