Sep 282009

This is a presentation I gave to one of my favourite Australian television stations:

Here are my notes (my presos work better as experiences rather than blog posts but never mind..):

I talked about social media evolution – we started with blogs as a one-to-many channel but they didn’t come with in built audiences. So Facebook came along at the right time. But Facebook is a gated community, Twitter gave us live updates and half gated discussions. In other words there is a reason why we migrate from one tool to another.

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Jun 212009

Please add the ChipIn widget to your Facebook or blog and help raise money for Wonderwebby, Jasmin Tragas Filipino Womens Trust Bank.

Jun 012009

After the radio interview with Tony Delroy a few days ago, I’ve had an inordinate number of requests for information on social lending and microfinancing sites. Particularly Australian p2p banks. Remember a bank holds money that the community members have each – for example, salaries, or savings. Then the bank manager takes the community money and decides who to give loans to – back to a community member. Peer to peer loans (many members providing parts of one loan) simply disintermediates the aggregator/bank manager. Bypasses the middle man – the community members decide who they are going to lend the Continue Reading…

Nov 222008

Social media for accountants View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: socialmedia socialnetworks) I was in Adelaide last week, presenting to CPA Australia. Interesting group – though it was the end of the day and we only had time for 3 or 4 questions. Last time (CPA Australia, Brisbane) I spent a couple of days adapting a “monetizing social media” for them only to find out that not only did they not blog, but they didn’t use YouTube or Wikipedia. Nor, strangely enough did they belong to Facebook (only one person admitted being a member of Facebook, well below Continue Reading…

Nov 172007

I’m never 100% sure, if a corporate blog is written by a PR person, or by a genuine C-level exec. But I can have a good guess. It doesn’t have to be the CEO, but someone with passion, a helicopter view of not only the business but the sector and someone with ability to affect change in powerful ways. Because that is what makes an addictive corporate blog – the feeling you are communicating with someone who can hear, understand and make changes. Even if they blog only once a week, dictate in a dictaphone on a plane for an Continue Reading…

Sep 122007

OMG. Oh. My. God. If anyone ever asks you to chair a conference DON’T DO IT! Seriously. It’s really hard work! (And we’ve already established that I’m lazy). I’m involved with a Enterprise 2.0 conference at the Crowne Plaza and we’ve got about 12 speakers per day. My job is to introduce the speakers – but not read their bio out loud because the attendees have already read them – but I don’t know some of these people! So I ask them if they are on Facebook, or submit to YouTube or blog and introduce them that way. Then I Continue Reading…

Oct 062006

Al Gore, the guy who created the Internet, that one? Sky is to launch Al Gore’s US user-generated content TV channel Current in the UK and Ireland following a deal with the former US vice-president. The deal was announced today by BSkyB CEO James Murdoch and Gore. Gore is planning to design Current TV content specifically for the UK and Irish market, so viewers can submit their videos via Current’s website in the same way they do in the US. Plus some of the UK content may also be shown in the US and other international territories. Gore is eventually Continue Reading…

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