Hi my name is Laurel Papworth and I’m a social media and online community educator. You’ve probably already read about my background on the About Page, and are looking for workshops, courses or training on Facebook, Twitter, Campaigns, Strategies etc. I am also available as a public speaker through Saxtons Speakers and others.

I teach 4 types of social media courses 1. Online, 2. Public tickets, 3. University of Sydney CCE courses and 4. Inhouse bespoke workshops. See below for more information:

Online Social Media Courses

I’m starting to put together self-study and webinars on Facebook, Twitter, and social media etc.. These range from $45 to $99 depending on length and topic. Udemy – use Website10 for a 10% discount!

Public Classroom Training on Social Media

Public are at my training room in the Sydney CBD (and sometimes other cities)  people can buy a ticket to attend small classes of around 12 students (bring laptop). The 3 Day Intensive Social Media course is very popular but there are more courses and workshops listed on Eventbrite A ticket is around $500 to $700 a day depending on the topic, number to attendees and number of days.

University of Sydney Social Media Courses

at the Centre for Continuing Education organised by the University of Sydney – tickets are around $400 to $500 a day. These are often larger groups (around 24 attendees).

Corporate and Workshop Social Media Conferences and Workshops

Inhouse is either at your offices, or in my training room, for your staff and team. You choose the venue, the topics and the attendees. You can choose up to 20 people (more on application) to attend. This is suitable for large groups, or those wanting a bespoke training. The fee is $4000-$5000 a day depending on number of days and students. All bookings are a daily rate including keynote presentations.

Booking Laurel Papworth

Please click the links above or email for more information. My courses/dates book out very quickly and I apologise in advance if I’m not available for your conference/workshop.

Modules and Topics:

Do you want a course, seminar or workshop on social media, social networks and online communities covering PR, marketing, customer service, education, Government and corporate?  These courses have been taught in Australia, Singapore, Middle East, Portugal, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.  Please contact for a quote, and preferred dates.

Computer or Lecture style

  • Computer lab or laptop workshop with practical handson setup of social media tools
  • Lecture and exercise based workshop with group activities (non-laptop based, more information/theory)
  • Inhouse at your conference venue, or place of work
  • At our training rooms in CBD

Inhouse Courses and workshops:

Social Media Strategy Modules – FULL day courses run 9.30am – 5pm

  • ROI: Return on Investment (ROI) of Social Media; Why Facebook & Tweet?
  • PRESS RELEASE/PRESS Room Creating social media press releases
  • AUDIT: How to do a Social Media Audit
  • MONITORING: Monitoring Social Media – building a monitoring station
  • SEO/SMO: Why Social is important for SEO
  • STRATEGY: 9 Steps of a Social Media Strategy
  • CAMPAIGN: 5 Steps of a Social Media Campaign
  • INFLUENCERS: Building Blogger Relations with Key Social Influencers
  • REVENUE: 22 Different Social Media Revenue and Monetization Streams
  • MEASUREMENT: How to Measure Social Media
  • NEGATIVE CRITICISM: 8 Ways to Deal With Negative Comments Online
  • FUTURE: The Future of Social Media incl augmented reality & social ads

Modules and Workshops for your Organisation

  1. STRATEGY Creating a Social Media Strategy
    1. Identifying Purpose and Values in your Online Community
    2. Identifying Tribes and Target Segments
    3. Identifying Appropriate Platforms and Tools
    4. Attention and Voice in Social Media
    5. Identifying and Working With Key Influencers
    6. Developing Campaigns
    7. Identifying Rituals and Creating A Conversation Diary
  2. STRATEGY Creating a Social Media Campaign
    1. Monitoring the Community
    2. Creating a Voice
    3. Developing Relationships and Discussions
    4. Promotions and Competitions
    5. Measurement of Social Media
  3. STRATEGY Social Media Engagement
    1. The Social Intranet and Internal Comms
    2. Monitoring Social Media
    3. Developing Content with Agencies
    4. Creating Viral Campaigns with Agencies
    5. Developing short term Social Media Campaigns with Community
    6. Developing Collaborative Platforms with Brand and Community
    7. The Social Economy
  4. STRATEGY Social Media Monetisation
    1. Understanding and Identifying soft ROI of Brand Recall and lower CoA
    2. Identifying and Quantifying Dollar Value of Tweet or Facebook Share
    3. Creating Peer to Brand monetisation such as Freemium services
    4. Creating Commercial to Brand monetisation such as Big Data Marketing
    5. Creating Peer to Peer solution such as Etsy and Kickstarter
    6. Creating App solutions such as Amazon and eBay API off platform sales
  5. PRACTICAL LinkedIn for your Business
    1. Professional Profile – Have I done it right? How do I: Write an update? Add someone? Delete someone? Does it look professional?
    2. Groups – What is the connection between Promotion vs Engagement, What is the Etiquette & how do I not be blamed for spamming, how do I find the right group?
    3. Business Pages – What does a Company Page look like? Why have a company Page? How do I get people to follow the page?
    4. Advanced Search – how do I find the people buying my product? How do I find purchasing managers for my product and services in Melbourne, Seoul, London? What connection do they have with me?
    5. Ads & Sponsored Posts – What sort of things could I advertise? How effective are LinkedIn Ads? How do I set an ad up and measure it?
    6. Premium Accts/Personal Plus – do I need it? What do I get? Should I bother with paying?
    7. Recommendations – What use are they? How do I get them? Are they spam?How do I show and hide recommendations?
    8. Adding Apps – what apps should I add to my LinkedIn page, how do they compare with Facebook apps?
    9. What statistics and Analytics are important? What tools should I use?
    10. Strategy and Tools- How do I integrate LinkediN with my other social media, with my dashboards and measurement tools?
  6. PRACTICAL Social Media Press Room
    1. Develop press releases for social media
    2. Strategies for distribution and creation.
    3. Technical building of a social media press room
    4. Developing engagement to gain social media attention for announcements.
  7. PRACTICAL Blogging for Business
    1. Creating a Social Media Website
    2. Creating a Thought Leadership Voice
    3. Developing Content for Distribution through Social Channels
  8. PRACTICAL Social Media Monitoring
    1. Build a dashboard from scratch.
    2. Who and What to Monitor
    3. Dealing with Negative Criticism
    4. Using the Dashboard in Conjunction with the Conversation Diary
    5. Automating and Forwarding Content from Dashboard to Channels
  9. PRACTICAL Facebook for your Business
    1. Facebook for Business – Pages and Timeline (introductory)
    2. Facebook Advertising and Marketing Intelligence
    3. Facebook Insights – analytic and reports
    4. Facebook Advanced – Apps, Coupons and Competitions
  10. PRACTICAL Twitter for your Business
    1. Twitter for Business
    2. Language of Twitter – using #FF, RT, HT,
    3. Building Twitter Following and Relationships – Lists
    4. Twitter Tools – how to do Twitter Analytics and Automation
  11. PRACTICAL Google Plus for your Business
    1. Adding Social Media to your Google Search Strategy
    2. How to use Google Video Hangouts to provide Business Services
    3. Google Business Pages and Local Search for Reviews
    4. Developing Sales and Leads through Google Plus
  12. PRACTICAL Community Tools for Social Media
    1. Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, Vine, Snapchat,
  13. SPECIALIST Social Media and Not For Profits
    1. Managing different tribes e.g. activists, fundraisers, stakeholders and clients
    2. Platforms and tools for Not For Profits
    3. Special Consideration for Not for Profits
  14. SPECIALIST Social Media and Financial Services
    1. Importance of reporting to market social media impact
    2. Platforms and tools for Financial Services
    3. Special Consideration for Not for Profits
  15. SPECIALIST Social Media and Customer Service
    1. Lowering CSR costs through Social Customer Service
    2. Facebook and other platforms as Customer Service Helpdesks
    3. Special Consideration for CSRs
  16. SPECIALIST Social Media and Recruitment
    1. Managing Employer Branding on Social Media platforms
    2. Developing Recruitment strategies through online communities and LinkedIn
    3. Specialist Consideration for Recruitment
  17. SPECIALIST Social Media and  Local Government
    1. The impact of social media on Local Gov and Councils
    2. Platforms and Tools for Direct Democracy and Case Studies
    3. Specialist Consideration for Local Government
  18. SPECIALIST Social Media and Film and TV
    1. Developing social assets for film and tv properties
    2. Creating fan communities to support film and tv properties
    3. Specialist Consideration for Film & TV

For more information please contact


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    Our Company covers a wide spectrum of training including Leadership, Big Data and Media.

    Currently there’s a demand for a one to three day course entitled ‘Marketing Through Social Media – The Latest Secrets of the Trade” which would focus on marketing Via Facebook, Instagram and Whattsapp.

    We are looking at 100 to 200 participants a day.
    It will have to be delivered in Kuwait, so we will need to know expenses for the training, travel requirements, etc.
    Furthermore, we would like to ask if there is any way that your company, can actually deliver the training here in Kuwait. IT will be a huge hit. First time in the Arabian Gulf and Arab World as a whole.

    Kindly let us know if you could possibly be interested in such a venture and (i hope you will be) if not, could you kindly point us in the right direction to companies/ trainers that would be interested and qualified to do so.

    I thank you for your time. We realize how little of it you have for yourself.

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