Aug 162010

Couldn’t go past this one: Skinbook, a safe and friendly place. For you to show your private parts. To complete strangers.

in the nude, Facebook meets Ning. Skinbook

Ok ok, maybe I should stop chortling like a naughty schoolgirl – there’s probably an online community for those too, and if there isn’t let’s start one? Skinbook proves that there is a community for everyone. Niche, esoteric, likeminded. Interestingly Skinbook couldn’t work on Facebook, because of their strict no nipples even in breastfeeding photos rules – though it’s clear they are giving it a shot. You can see the page here – but remember before you join Skinbook on Facebook, what will your boss say? Your mum? Your husband/wife???? Your Newsfeed Is Gonna Tell On You.

But they are on Twitter as @Skinbook:

online community skinbook on Twitter


I wonder if they tweet in the nude. Sure they do. Don’t we all?

The nude car show intrigued me – any comments on that one?

Remind me to tell them that I can help them move off Ning when the time comes for Ning to fold. (Christmas?)

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  • Caesar Wong

    You sound surprised by this… surely you’ve heard of Rule 34? :-)

  • Jason Monastra

    Twitter Updates for 2010-08-17: RT @SilkCharm Skinbook: Facebook in the nude [LOL!] #

  • Laurel Papworth

    1000's subscribe to my blog email. 5 unsubscribed yesterday due to Skinbook post? I rarely get unsubs: maybe 2 a week?

  • Laurel Papworth

    Maybe I should add warnings. NSFW Facebook + rude-y bits = Skinbook Don't unfollow me! ;P

  • Mary Powell

    SERIOUSLY???? ~~~~ Skinbook: Facebook in the nude –

  • Kimberley Lee

    RT @SilkCharm Skinbook: Facebook in the nude

  • Trevor Young

    One for @parkpr —> RT @KimberleyL: RT @SilkCharm Skinbook: Facebook in the nude

  • Alan Howard

    Skinbook: Facebook in the nude –

  • Lee-tha Aprilia

    RT @AlanzEyes: Skinbook: Facebook in the nude –

  • Karina

    Always interesting what you publish! I like the new look of your Blog.

  • KeithTimimi

    RT @SilkCharm Skinbook: Facebook in the nude There is a community for everyone!

  • Raul Ramirez ✔

    Skinbook: Facebook in the nude

  • john

    I’m harder than a horse on spring break!

  • Samella Bennink

    Cristopher Nickolas

  • prakash

    how to open my account in skin book

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