Jul 192009

Is your Facebook home page filling up with stuff from a few noisy friends? Do you really just want updates from around 20 or 50 people, not the hundreds you have somehow acquired?

The new group needs to be top of this group

The new group needs to be top of this group

First of all Create a new Friends List:

From Facebook.com/Home click CREATE (bottom right) (see above). This will create a friend list for you

Fill in the details. Mostly that just means giving the group a name like FAVOURITES. I call mine, MY NEWSFEED. Then add the people who you DO want in the newsfeed – start typing their name. Make sure they have a tick next to their name.

When you are done, the new Facebook Friends List is in the groups list. Now you want to change the Facebook Home newsfeed to show only the friends in the list, not all.

You can either grab the list and drop it on HOME…

Drag the new friends list to HOME

Drag the new friends list to HOME

… or simply make sure it’s the top of your friends list, before all the others, like MY NEWSFEED is here

Friends HomeNow MY NEWSFEED is top of my friends list. This makes it the default for HOME on Facebook. I won’t be bothered by spammy friends any longer. Of course, I can still click other lists including News Feed to see those people who are not in My Newsfeeed.

NOTE: I tried dragging MY NEWSFEED to the top of the list. It seemed to work if I didn’t click off for a while. Let Facebook do a save or whatever it does behind the scenes by waiting, before diving off to another page.

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