Jul 192009

Is your Facebook home page filling up with stuff from a few noisy friends? Do you really just want updates from around 20 or 50 people, not the hundreds you have somehow acquired?

The new group needs to be top of this group

The new group needs to be top of this group

First of all Create a new Friends List:

From Facebook.com/Home click CREATE (bottom right) (see above). This will create a friend list for you

Fill in the details. Mostly that just means giving the group a name like FAVOURITES. I call mine, MY NEWSFEED. Then add the people who you DO want in the newsfeed – start typing their name. Make sure they have a tick next to their name.

When you are done, the new Facebook Friends List is in the groups list. Now you want to change the Facebook Home newsfeed to show only the friends in the list, not all.

You can either grab the list and drop it on HOME…

Drag the new friends list to HOME

Drag the new friends list to HOME

… or simply make sure it’s the top of your friends list, before all the others, like MY NEWSFEED is here

Friends HomeNow MY NEWSFEED is top of my friends list. This makes it the default for HOME on Facebook. I won’t be bothered by spammy friends any longer. Of course, I can still click other lists including News Feed to see those people who are not in My Newsfeeed.

NOTE: I tried dragging MY NEWSFEED to the top of the list. It seemed to work if I didn’t click off for a while. Let Facebook do a save or whatever it does behind the scenes by waiting, before diving off to another page.

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  • http://maddon.net/blog Madeline Ong

    Hello! I’ve been reading some of your blog’s latest entries, and you have some very interesting posts in general. Creating a new friends list for just the friends you want to hear about is a great tip, but I still feel ambivalent about it. Do you have a take on the habit of adding friends that you don’t really want to hear about in the first place? On the one hand, it strikes me as insincere. On the other hand, refusing to add back someone who adds you — because you won’t read that person’s updates anyway — makes you look snobbish.
    .-= Madeline Ong´s last blog ..10 annoying web problems (and how to solve them) =-.

    • Laurel Papworth

      Hi Madeline, given that “social” doesn’t mean ‘party’, it means ‘society’, so it often means more than Friends – it also means Contacts. Some of my friends/contacts do status updates in their native language – maybe one that I don’t speak well – I want to stay friends, but not have a stream of Indonesian or Arabic or Chinese crowding my feed.

      MY NEWSFEED is a subset of my friends feeds – but any time I want to catch up, I can click NEWSFEED just below to get ALL the newsfeeds again.

      Hope this helps :P

  • http://twitter.com/smallbiztwit/status/2739461998 Steven Moore

    Facebook: remove from Newsfeed those very noisy friends that are your friends http://ow.ly/hGEk via @silkcharm

  • Keith

    awesome! – I have now removed all the activities that people would never talk about on the phone but seem compelled to share on the social web.

  • http://ActionsTalk.com Blake

    Hi Laurel, this is a great idea. I’m unable to drag the list to the top after I’ve created it though. Does that still work for you? I’m wondering if Facebook disabled the ability to reorder the lists.
    .-= Blake´s last blog ..#40 Flowtown.com =-.

  • Barbara

    Hi Laurel, thank you for the good idea!

    Blake, I had the same problem, but I managed to solve it by clicking on “more” under the lists, thus making all my lists visible and then I could drag the other ones over MY NEWSFEED list, (aparently you cannot drag the active list). Hope that helps.
    Take care,

    • http://ActionsTalk.com Blake

      Thanks Barbara! That fixed it.
      .-= Blake´s last blog ..#40 Flowtown.com =-.

  • http://forging-reputations.blogspot.com/ Chris O’Brien

    Thanks so much. I couldn’t find this information at all at Facebook’s help section. It’s like some kind of secret–now I can avoid clutter by those, um, juvenile friends who keep taking online quizzes…Thanks again.

  • Tom

    That’s a great tip.

    But I notice that my own posts (and people’s comments on them) will not show up in this. Is there a way to make myself part of the list?

  • Tom

    Re the last post:

    Sorry. I worked it out now. My own posts will show if they are posted while that friends list is selected. I see…

  • INGA


  • Sara

    I really want to be able to do this but the dragging isn’t working. And I don’t have a ‘more’ option under my lists. I have the list created, just can’t get it to the right place. Is there a non drag and drop way to do it?

  • jennifer

    hi, once you’ve created a new news feed, how do you REMOVE it?!?!

  • http://movies.indiatimes.com Fida


    I have 38 users connected to me, and created group which have more than 300 users.
    currently Newsfeeds is going to 38 membsers how could i send my newsfeeds to groups? or how can i add on groups user to my list.?

  • Lisa

    Hi there,
    i absolutely loved this feature and it helped alot. But since the FB red0–again, for the millionth time–it no longer works. Any suggestion with this new an improved FB that i like a lot less than the old one/

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