Apr 222010

I thought I had already blogged this but I can’t find it. How to swap your hideous http://www.facebook.com/pages/SilkCharm-Laurel-Papworth/26531835640 for http://facebook.com/SilkCharm – your own Facebook address!

1. Go to Facebook.com/Username - I don’t know why it’s called that. I’ve already set my personal account to be facebook.com/LaurelPapworth – this is how you do Business Pages, Fan Page, Brand Pages or whatever they are called now.

2. Now click Set Username for your Pages – you’ll get a list of your pages.

You can also add URL names for Applications, not just Pages.

3. Make sure you spell your brand name correctly. Facebook.com/KyleMinogue has 200,000+ fans but her name is spelt KYLIE Minogue.

You must have at least 100 fans, I believe, to score your own URL. Username for personal profiles can be below 100 I think. UPDATE: just found out that Facebook blogged last week on this and it’s now 25 fans minimum. It also means I wasted my time – they have screenshots and how tos, too :P

Ah well, if you found this useful, please become a fan of Silkcharm? http://www.facebook.com/SilkCharm <— see? :P


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  1. Facebook Page – get your own Facebook URL name http://is.gd/bCRXs

  2. …and this is umm, very, old news.

    • yeah I can’t find my original post. But the move to 25 fans and over is very new news :) I blogged it so I don’t have to go hunting again for the facebook.com/username link in classes.

  3. the reason that kyleminogue is stuck like that is once you change it to custom name you cant move it …though with 200,000 fans someone should just tell them to start again at the correct url and send an email out to the current base then kill the old list.

    feel free to fan;


    (oh and if you can also http://www.facebook.com/pages/LiveAFLChat/254965633406 so i can get to over 25 pretty please… :)

  4. Facebook Page – get your own Facebook URL name http://bit.ly/cVWmt2 if you have 25 members or more @audaciousgloop @frombecca #history :P

  5. RT @SilkCharm: Facebook Page : Your own Facebook URL name http://bit.ly/cVWmt2 if you have 25 members or more @audaciousgloop @frombecca

  6. Thank you SOooooo much! Now done for my page :) you are awesome!

  7. […] Facebook Page – get your own Facebook URL name (laurelpapworth.com) […]

  8. Are you a Facebook user? Here's how to get your own Facebook name URL: http://tinyurl.com/23ak5yd

  9. RT @martyhalpern: Are you a Facebook user? Here's how to get your own Facebook name URL: http://tinyurl.com/23ak5yd <<Very cool!

  10. Helpful for dust jackets: RT @martyhalpern Are you a Facebook user? How to get your own Facebook name URL: http://tinyurl.com/23ak5yd

  11. @bdabooks @janiceharayda Thanks for the RT re: How to get your own Facebook name URL: http://tinyurl.com/23ak5yd

  12. @imtimhanlon I'll make you a deal. Follow these directions http://bit.ly/cVWmt2 then tell me the new Faecbook URL & I'll add it :P

  13. @prettypapercuts you asked once, I didnt know. You asked twice, I googled it: http://bit.ly/dVP88o

  14. Many super thanks!

  15. thanks for this, though old news, i still think its worth reminding of what use to be new to us is what helps us a lot right now… or, in this case, interest us..

  16. Need help getting your name out? Create a custom Facebook URL for your biz on Facebook. Here's how to do it…. http://fb.me/RoUKyV5j

  17. @rubyandginger here's the article: http://t.co/iv7cFHc Name your page first then the other page! Tra Da! The u-ni-k nerd always here 2 help

  18. Thanks! This is what I was looking for, but when I go into facebook/username I’m asked to input my mobile number to get an sms code, but I’m not getting it… can u help me?

  19. Thanks! I did not know this! (even though I see it’s old news LOL)

  20. Thanks. Fairly new to facebook so it was very useful to me….even though it’s old news….sometimes old news needs to be looked at and updated. I appreciated it.

  21. Yes very good and quick solution,


  23. Facebook Page – get your own Facebook URL name: http://t.co/7a4jQZZF #fb

  24. Thanks for this!

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    Reading your article is really a pleasure!

  26. This was very helpful.

  27. i have one facebook but i don’t know how to view my facebook

  28. i can’t view my facebook plaese help me

  29. Thanks – was just what I needed to avoid the Facebook nightmare help system! :)

  30. Was very helpful thank you!!

  31. hi Laurel.. I am fairly new to social media and the internet world and do not understand why if I have a facebook page I cannot have my URL name as the name of my page? Right now it is a long page number.. They said my URL is not available. Who can I reach out to about this. How can my own Domain name not be available. CONFUSED

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  34. How do you get on to Facebook?

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