Jul 192007

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

The Onion

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

*laughs* VERY funny video. Nothing really to do with the stuff I speak on (WebJam) about when web 2.0 will crash and the subsequent loss of user generated content when Google (YouTube) and Yahoo! (Flickr) pull the plug. But still, you get the point. ‘cept the part of the video about the internet not being backed up – I thought that was what we had Google doing? *puzzled*. Hat tip: Ilya Lichtenstein over at neomeme.

Anyone heard of a company pulling the plug on a social media “experiment”and everyone loses their content and friends, lately? I’m trying to keep track of ‘em.

“when we return, we report on one man’s heroic struggle to pick up the pieces and rebuild his Flickr album”. Thank god they didn’t mention Facebook. *starts to shiver and whimper* There’s a reason they call it Facecrack y’know.

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