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I”m giving away a free ticket to Connectnow that starts tomorrow. I know, late notice, but I just had a yummy Easter holiday and well, all the cool kids are already going. 😛

I asked the speakers for their favourite blog post (their own blog) and this was their response – it might help for you to get to know them before tomorrow’s conference:

  • Tara Hunt, author of Whuffie Factor (here’s a taste – minding the gap):
  • Debs Shultz from USA who is still making up her mind which blog post to send me. 😛
  • Brian Solis doesn’t believe in viral marketing:
  • In September 2008 at Web 2.0 Expo in New York, I shared something that many, to this day, believe to the contrary, “There is no such thing as viral marketing.”

    The declaration was empathetic in its direction to those marketers who have been on the receiving end of directives instructing them to create and unleash viral content. In parallel, the statement was aimed at those decision makers who assign such projects.

    Content, no matter how brilliant, creative, abstract, or controversial, is not inherently viral. Yet, we’re asked repeatedly to create viral videos, posts, and other social objects that will trigger an endless array of retweets, pages and profiles that immediately attract fans and followers accompanied by a deafening wall of sound propelled by word of mouth.

    Content doesn’t make something viral; people are the primary source of powering social objects across the attention nodes that connect the human network.

  • Simon Mainwaring – the doing versus the being of branding
  • and me – my fave blog post of all time that I have written would have to be… all of ’em. 😛

Anyway I have a free ticket to give away to ConnectNow so if you want it tell me your favourite blog post that you have written or read on social media – the conference is tomorrow. So I’ll notify you – if you leave details in comments – later tonight. Sorry but I only realised I had ’em as I left for Easter. Bad me.


  • John Hacking

    Reply Reply April 6, 2010

    Connect Now Social Media and Free Ticket:

    I”m giving away a free ticket to Connectnow that starts tomorrow…

  • Laurel Papworth

    Reply Reply April 6, 2010

    …and a 2nd #Cnow ticket for those that comment their fave social media blog post on my blog for those not on Twitter.

  • Connect Now Social Media and Free Ticket

  • Gunnar Engblom

    Reply Reply April 6, 2010

    It’d be cool to attend…I have some mileage to get to Sydney from Lima I guess!!
    Anyway, my fave of my own production is.

    Every birdwatcher should have 5000 birding friends on Facebook.

    Facebook groups don’t do the trick. They are often lame and stagnant. But what if you build your own group of people that share the same interest and invite them to become friends on Facebook. The idea is that within a certain guild (such as birdwatchers, conservationists, world travellers, stamp-collectors, worthy alturistic causes or what-ever really) a global private network is priceless and Facebook is superior to all other platforms to share and converse just because of its shear size).

  • Scott Kilmartin

    Reply Reply April 6, 2010

    hey Laurel,

    The backstory…
    I’d heard about twitter in early 2008 and didn’t get it.
    Some friends suggested i blog about the journey and day-to-day experiences i was having with my business, I didn’t get it.

    In late 2008, I somehow found this Gary V post and the penny dropped for me. It resonated from a small business perspective, building & interacting with a community and the ability for some of the new technologies to allow an interaction with punters that wasn’t as easy or even possible 5 years ago.

    Said post:

    The quality is rubbish and maybe that helped make it work for me.
    So now I tweet and interact and it’s been a game changer for me and the business [ ].

    And funnily enough I’m dead keen to see Connect Now :)

    scottkilmartin @

  • John Lacey

    Reply Reply April 6, 2010

    That’s interesting I knew next to nothing about this event but I just happened to be listening to a podcast interview with Tara Hunt just yesterday. #SmallInternetAfterAll

    [I figure I use Twitter hashtags on Facebook so why not in blog comments too? lol]

  • listaustralia

    Reply Reply December 14, 2010

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