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Want a list of Australian CEOs that are on Twitter? Scroll to the bottom.

Business Week have a piece on each CEO that uses the so-called ‘microblogging’ service Twitter. I don’t like the term micro-blogging when applied to Twitter as it’s less of a one-to-many asynch depth of content site like a video blog or a multimedia blog and more of a few-to-few synchronous chat channel.

Tweets From the Chiefs

The best chief executives are nothing if not efficient, and what’s more efficient than 140-character memos?

Microblogging site Twitter is the latest tech tool to enter the C-suite. Whether they are broadcasting quick company updates, sharing a personal side of their lives with employees, or networking with other executives, plenty of CEOs have begun to make tweets part of their daily routine. And it’s not just the Silicon Valley crowd—chief executives in marketing, publishing, and retail are also populating the site.

Here’s the list:

Kevin Rose from Digg
Tony Hsieh from Zapppos
Jasaon Calacanis from Mahalo (former Netscape no?)
Michael Arrington from TechCrunch
Loic LeMeur from Seesmic
Tim O’Reilly from O’Reilly Media

Jack Dorsey from Twitter
David Sifry from Technorati
Christine Perkett from PerkettPR
Michael Hyatt from Thomas Nelson
Jeff Bonforte from Xobni
Mike Troiano from Matchmine
Jonathan Schwartz from Sun Microsystems
Shafqat Islam from NewsCred
Barry Libert from Mzinga
Eugene Lee from SocialText
Kel Kelly from Kel and Partners
Lois Paul from Lois Paul and Partners

Background at BusinessWeek.

Who are Australia’s CEO Twits? I’m thinking

Rob Antulov from 3eep but Sports Passion is betterer :P
Phil Morle from Pollenizer
Mike Cannon-Brookes from Atlassian
Riges Younan from 2Vouch
Maria Sipka from Linqia
John Butterworth from AIMIA
Paul Fischer from IAB
Wendy Hogan from CBS Interactive
Kristin Alford from Bridge8
Antonymd from QMCodes
Warren Duff from INeedHits
Clay Cook from Minti
Cris Pearson from Plasq (Skitch etc)
Chris Saad from Faraday Media
Stephen Kelly from
Simon van Wyk from Our Patch
Steve Sammartino of Rentoid
Bronwen Clune – NorgMedia
richardgiles - Recommendation Ventures
Craig Wilson – Sticky Advertising
Marc Lehmann
Peter Cooper Cooper Sydney
B Housman GoodBarry
Miles Burke Wham Bam thank you Miles.
Thomas Shaw The Recruitment Directory
Lara Solomon, LaRoo and Mocks:
Valerie Khoo, Sydney Writers’ Centre, & Business & Careers Institute
Suzi Dafnis, Australian Businesswomen’s Network
Catriona Pollard, CP Communications
Kate Tribe Tribe Research
Geoff Jennings Online Recruitment
Duncan Riley Inquisitr
AnneBB Headshift
Bart Jellema
hit_ch of Get Price (wot’s his name?)
Jodee Rich of Peoplebrowsr
Iain McDonald and Terry Carney from Amnesia/Razorfish
Phillip Evans of Evanscorp
Remo Giuffre Remo General Stores
Rodd Pahl Bluegrass
Drazen Drazic Securus Global
Troy Rushton Geekdom

Who else – Australian CEOs I mean?

And thanks to @mspecht for insisting I add Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia and Malcolm Turnbull, Leader of the Opposition Party. Though I’m not sure it’s always Kev who tweets :P


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  1. Hey Laurel – I post comments too! :-)

  2. Yes dear you do *rolls eyes* Heh. :)

  3. CEOs that Twitter:

    - Atlassian: Mike Cannon-Brookes (mcannonbrookes)
    - 2Vouch: Riges Younan (rigesyounan)
    - Linqia: Maria Sipka (mariasipka) – cheating a bit because Maria is an Aussie in Barcelona

    Pollenizer doesn’t have a CEO… or has two… :-)

  4. Craig Wilson aka Media Hunter at Sticky Advertising

    Stephen Collins aka trib at Acid Labs

  5. Oh not sole-owner CEOs – I think Business Week meant employing people and stuff. Otherwise I’m on the list and so are half of our industry :)

  6. John Butterworth, AIMIA, @jbdigital
    Paul Fischer, IAB, @PaulFisher_IAB
    Wendy Hogan, CBS Interactive, @wendy_hogan

    It’s also interesting to think about how they might have started on twitter?

    That’s what I’m asking today.

  7. You beat me to the punch, Laurel! Great post, as always!

  8. Hey Laurel, I blog a little, too, albeit very infrequently, at (and, while SportsPassion is our key product brand, the company is still 3eep)

  9. I have four staff. Is that too micro-business for your list? If not, you could add Bridge8 (

  10. I’m also on Twitter with 4 staff, we’ll actually be using it for BETA testing soon.
    C’mon Laurel, show some love…?

  11. Laurel,

    I would add CEO of ineedhits (30 odd staff) Warren Duff

    And also myself CEO of Minti (a few staff and $3.8M in funding to date)

    I will think of some others for you.

    Good post.

    Clay Cook

  12. Hey.

    I’m also an Aussie CEO who tweets :)

    Lets hope we are just the tip of the iceberg!

  13. another aussie.. Chris Saad

  14. Hi Laurel, I am there as well.

  15. Hey Laurel,

    Excellent post, great stuff. There is also a bigger picture of who are the continuous innovators (Proven Innovators) and continuous early adopters (and influencers) that would be cool to list or map. Happy to collaborate sometime on that if you want.

    For this list you could also add –

    Marc Lehmann, ex Deutsche Bank

    Peter Cooper from Cooper Sydney, ex + MacBank (me) and

    Cheers, Peter.

  16. Hey Laurel
    Good to see some Australian CEO’s Twittering away too :)

    I think there’s a few on there I’ll have to start following myself :)
    Am thinking perhaps I should come up with a similar list for some UK CEO’s – I’m sure there’s quite a few that twitter :)

    If I do come up with that list – do you want me to let you know about it?

  17. Yes, please let me know which UK CEOs Twitter. The only one I can think of, off hand, is @RichardBranson. :)

  18. @bronwen – NorgMedia
    @richardgiles – Recommendation Ventures

  19. hmmm…does it count if you’re about to employ people, and are part owned by other big fat companies


    Kate Richardson’s last blog post..Do audiences expect their theatre to be brand free?

  20. @thomasshaw

    MD, Recruitment Directory

    Thomas Shaw’s last blog post..Interview with Tim de Jardine from Hirewall

  21. Hi Laurel,

    I tweet and have staff, Tribe Research: @katetribe

    There is also
    Lara Solomon, LaRoo and Mocks: @LaRoo
    Valerie Khoo, Sydney Writers’ Centre, & Business & Careers Institute: @valeriekhoo
    Suzi Dafnis, Australian Businesswomen’s Network: @SuziDafnis
    Catriona Pollard, CP Communications: @catrionapollard

    Kate Tribe’s last blog post..The 3+ / 3- guide

  22. Thanks guys.
    And Kate, what’s your company? I’ll add it :P

  23. My company is called Tribe Research. Thanks!

    Kate Tribe’s last blog post..The 3+ / 3- guide

  24. What a great post Laurel.

    I think that social media, and in particular Twitter, is going to become a tool of trade for the go ahead CEOs and companies in 2009 who want to brand themselves.

    Using such tools at Tweetbeep (which seems to be down at the moment) and Twilert, they can be alerted to the mention of their name good or bad. They can thank people for the compliments and put fires out generated by bad comments before they become viral.

    Twitter is an enormous weapon in the PR arsenal of any company and used wisely and with conviction will see many a company increase their sales and also their branding and perception in the marketplace. I for one will be looking for opportunities to work with such companies in showing them how to do this as will many experienced social media people.


    @RicRaftis on Twitter

  25. Hey Laurel,

    Thanks for including me in your list. Yes, I do twitter and while relatively new am getting a lot of learning and benefits both personally and also for my members (of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network –

    What I didn’t anticipate is new friendships that are forming from having found like-minded souls that I want to know more about.

    Thanks for playing on the edge and taking us with you.


  26. It is definitely good to see CEO’s out there on Twitter, though by and large they appear to be the CEO’s for start ups or relatively new businesses in the tech space – which is no surprise. I would really like to see more CEO’s from more traditional industries and bigger companies on Twitter. That could be very entertaining!

  27. Plz If you are a company/CEO follow @inc5000. If also Australian plz see Not really looking for sole operators, soz.

  28. […] means that it becomes much easier to catch the eye and ear of an individual. Whether they be the CEO of an Australian company, Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter or a celebrity like Stephen Fry, on services like Twitter you can find […]

  29. What about Drazen Drazic @ddrazic CEO of Securus Global

    He is also marketing lead for AISA.

  30. […] I know the CEOs and MDs of many leading companies have begun their ventures, in fact, here’s a big list: […]

  31. Finally, after a long campaign my boss at Geekdom @troyrushton has embraced the Twitter-y goodness. I’m so proud! I think he’s been pleasantly surprised at how powerful a tool it can be for talking to likeminded people and sharing his passion.

  32. One more American CEO to follow is @jobing, Aaron Matos, CEO of the largest locally focused job board in the U.S. Also, here’s a list of my favorite 15 CEO’s to follow on Twitter…here’s the link:

    Brett Farmiloe (’s last blog post..jobing: RT @jobing: Raleigh, NC still tops in Forbes best places for business To find jobs in Raleigh:

  33. @mtrush tweets. He’s the CEO of Convos. Totally counts. Same for @amandavega of AVC.

  34. Hey @chantified I thought you might be interested in this list of Australian CEO’s that Twitter

  35. Checking out Aussie CEOs on Twitter – @ClayCook rocked it, then lost it. Found via

  36. Australian CEOs that Twitter time to update it? *lazy* anybody interesting (CEO) on Twitter?

  37. RT @SilkCharm: Australian CEOs that Twitter time to update it? *lazy* anybody interesting (CEO) on Twitter?

  38. RT @SilkCharm: Australian CEOs that Twitter time to update it? *lazy* anybody interesting (CEO) on Twitter?

  39. Hi Laurel

    Here’s a few more Australian CEOs who twitter…

    Simon Monk, Founder of WorldNomads and Footprints Network -

    Chris Noble, MD of World Nomads –

    Ian C (me), MD of –

  40. Real Insurance CEO, Roger Grobler is @rogergrobler. He also has two blogs: one on business in general on and one on Pay As You Drive news and trends

  41. [twitter] Australian CEOs that Twitter | Laurel Papworth- Online Community Strategy

  42. @jasonjordan also, a list of CEO's that are on twitter :)

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  44. […] list of other Australian businesses and people on Twitter, check out this post by James Duthie or this one by Laurel Papworth.And of course you can follow us @zhoommarketing, @chamber_connect and […]

  45. […] list of other Australian businesses and people on Twitter, check out this post by James Duthie or this one by Laurel […]

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