Jul 232013

As Twitter, Facebook and apps like Zeebox continue to drive attention to TV Shows, they paradoxically kill off TV Advertising. If you are a company looking to advertise would you advertise on the TV during the show’s ad break or on the iPad, smart device during the ad break? TV becomes the loss leader to the 2nd screen apps, as television stations hand over their audiences to 3rd parties.

Aug 302012

Social Media and over reaction to negative criticism: Charlotte Dawson has made a career of slagging off all and sundry and using her broadcasting power to bully others yet now she is in hospital in reaction to a twitterer that she stalked and created a fuss over. Very strange….

Aug 242012

Social media press releases are about exposure/reach not circulation. Twitter report on Lance Armstrong and anti doping tweet. How 3.5 million followers converts into nearly 8 million pairs of eyeballs through 14,000 retweets.

Nov 242011

Don’t employ a shock-comedian (Catherine Deveny) and then expect her to behave on Twitter. Don’t advertise on Kyle Sandilands shock-jock radio show and then expect him to behave. Match your purpose and your value systems with your channels or you will play the hypocrite when it finally falls apart.And if you don’t agree with their values don’t advertise with them at all – don’t wait for it all to blow up and THEN get rewarded with a “good citizen” badge. You deserve a different kind of badge…  I just think people should “own” their value systems & be accountable for them. Continue Reading…

Aug 292011

Do online communities overreact? Qantas Airways published a photo of two fans with blacked out faces and wigs on, causing a controversy on Twitter, in spite of Radike Samo not minding at all.  My view is that there are deeper issues here -Qantas brand voice on social media is not their traditional marketing voice. What would Virgin do? Staff should be backed on social media and the Community is NOT always right! I received an email from a journalist at B&T asking for a quote on this situation below. For once my social network let me down – I was Continue Reading…

May 112011

Hoyts and social media – what do you do when someone names and shames publicly issues with your company, like this Twitter discussion I initiated about Hoyts Cinemas? An exercise for social media students and practitioners – what do you do when someone goes on a Twant (Twitter rant)? Use the diagram covered in  8 ways to deal with negative comments as background. (for my classes and anyone else who wants to play). Work in pairs or groups and figure out a strategy. If they are my tweets, no name. If others, their twitter name is in brackets. Factual: Dear Continue Reading…

Mar 182011

There’s a wild ride at the moment as traditional media slogs it out with social media. Stories that are popular in online communities become mainstream media news. And well, celebrities made by traditional media bite back in social networks. Take this case: There’s some sort of sex scandal involving a young woman and an AFL player. Which pretty well covers the Sports News for any weekend in season but hey ho. Here’s Sandra Sulley from Ten News tweeting: Now @Sandra_Sully is a well respected newsreader on TV. This tweet looks pretty normal – probably even written by a news intern, Continue Reading…

Oct 082010

How to find followers or users on Twitter by location? What town are those Twitter users in ? Can I make a list of those on Twitter who are in my local area?

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