Aug 302012

Social Media and over reaction to negative criticism: Charlotte Dawson has made a career of slagging off all and sundry and using her broadcasting power to bully others yet now she is in hospital in reaction to a twitterer that she stalked and created a fuss over. Very strange….

Mar 082010

The Oscars are currently on TV. I’m not watching it – sorry Channel Nine – but I am flicking between the streaming webpage, tweets and other bits an bobs of sites. When I speak and write on the COI of Social Media – the Cost of Inaction – one cost is cultural relevancy. If you are no longer relevant to a whole generation or two, what will happen? Televising the Oscars I mean imagine if the Academy had refused to allow the Oscars to be televised? Betcha there was a fight about putting the night of nights on the box Continue Reading…

Oct 302009

ABC TV show sacks their host – excuse me, founding host – Jeremy Ray. In the old days, after a week of phone calls and letters to the station that would be the end of it. But now? In today’s social media climate? nuh uh. Jeremy gets online and says it’s cos he’s not a woman he got sacked, the GoodGame crew go the forums and say it was their decision, the community get their knickers in a knot and start a petition, a Facebook goup and a website called SaveJunglist (his gamer handle or nickname). Active anti-brand communities are Continue Reading…

Sep 282009

Just around the corner is a whole new world of social TV. Social media meets traditional content – audiences become online community members. Social networks around TV.

Aug 312009

iTweevee is coming to Australia 3rd week of September complete with tv guide, twitter access and #hashtags.

Apr 022009

Quick Post: Congratulations to Ellenor Cox and team for winning the interactive Emmy for their TV show with Social Media Scorched.TV: The guys that made did a week workshop (the LAMP Residential) and a two-day workshop (LAMP Insights) at AFTRS with me on how to social media campaign their TV show. And while is not perfect – hard to build a ripple campaign when months get snaffled off you – they initiated those first crucial steps towards a social media entertainment future. A brave new world for film and tv directors and producers. I’m back in Sydney (back Continue Reading…

Dec 162008

What’s more fun than creating a video in isolation and uploading it to the social network for comments? Well, how about creating the video live, inviting the social network to participate. Basically a webcam broadcasting out in real time. Stickam is one such site: From the Stickam page: Welcome to Stickam, where you can … Enjoy live interactive entertainment. Host your own live show. Talk with family and friends. Meet people who share your interests There’s a few of these Citizen Broadcaster sites now. Mogulus, UStream, I wrote more on it in Video 3.0: Social Video. Oh and let’s not Continue Reading…