Mar 222014

Cancer Research UK riffed off of the grassroots #NoMakeupSelfie campaign and “accidentally” raised $2 million. Social Media vs Slactivism? ROI of social media in Not for profit and charity space. Why are we SLACTIVISTS when #NoMakeupSelfie shows that Social Media CAN raise money?

Apr 172012

How to make $10million in one weekend of tweeting. Is Social Media just people mucking around on Facebook with their mates or does Social Media make share prices go up or down? Tell your CEO to get a basic understanding of ROI in online community discussions and activities or pay the price.

Feb 122012

Casey Hopkins asked people to fund his new project to make a better dock for the iPhone. He wanted $75,000 he got $1.5 million. Kickstarter kicks ass. But how does one do that? How does one build a community that will give money to a project? Do you just stick it up on Kickstarter and hope for the best? Here are some steps to look at.   Understand the opportunities Kickstarter is an online community where you put up your project that you need funding, in this case to make a new dock for the iPhone. The community then decides Continue Reading…

Jun 262011

How to craft a billion dollar business. Etsy is a funky boutique of an online community, an independent online marketplace for handmade products and vintage goods where hand made jewellry, with tailor made skirts and vintage jackets live side by side with chocolates and photography. Etsy themselves don’t sell anything, they offer to match dressmakers and vintage resellers with fashionistas looking for a bargain with a story and style. Given that I am still asked if there is money in online communities, I thought it would be interesting to look at how much revenue makes since they started in Continue Reading…

May 252011

STATISTICS WITHIN What are the social media statistics of engaging on Facebook? Will you see an increase in: brand recall, engagement, time on your website, referrals, sales revenue, and so on if you add Facebook social plugins? This post is about social media statistics and Facebook. One of the most common questions I am asked is about Return on Investment for time spent on social media sites. The answers can be sliced and diced many ways (I have to figure out that company representative’s priorities before I answer) but most organisations are at least looking for some hard statistics. From Continue Reading…

Apr 282011

What is the value of a Facebook Like? What is the $$ figure for a Facebook Fan? What is a Twitter Follower worth? What is the value of a Tweet or reTweet? Last week I bought a coupon for Zumba classes from one of the daily deal sites. I received a 50% discount but there was a catch. 1000 coupons had to be sold before the deal became active. Luckily, next to every deal on offer is a button that connects to Facebook. Click the Facebook “Like” button and all your Facebook friends and family and colleagues will see the Continue Reading…

Feb 222011

I often write on social media revenue – how social media sites like blogs and forums and social networks monetize. One way is pretty simple – sell it! The Huffington Post just sold for $315m to AOL (America Online). How do you think AOL will make their money back from this blog?

Aug 012010

Facebook credits and liquidity program – integrating real world currencies, gift cards and virtual economies. What will happen now Facebook is 500,000 members strong? The currency of the internet?