Aug 022012

Dividing your customers to conquer them in social media – using Value system tribes to build communities. Chickfila, gays and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Finger lickin’ good.

Mar 112012

There are a few pitfalls in social media campaigns and definitely one of them is to try and force conversations around “finish my sentence….” games. It never ends well – either ignored or turned vile. Here’s some tips and warnings for beginner online community managers.

Apr 262011

How do you respond to a negative comment in an online community,  on Facebook? Shut the Page down, ban the commenter, suck up to them? How about a bitchy tweet on Twitter? Fight with them? Ignore them? Promise to do better? Many social media guidelines have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to addressing negative criticism in social networks, but assessing the situation and the potential positive vs negative outcomes of responses is a skill that comes from experience. PS:  Your marketing intern may not have that skill!

Jun 022010

It’s a mistake when companies use social media to gain email addresses to do spam email marketing campaigns. No really, it is. Business realities? Don’t kid yourself…. A while ago, I joined a Ford Facebook campaign. You entered your name and contact details on Facebook to become a social media reviewer – get the car for the summer, write reviews on it etc. I entered the competition, I tweeted about my old Toyota Feroza breaking down (as a “hint hint”) and never heard another word back. Nothing, nada I don’t even know who won or why. Not a sausage back. Continue Reading…

Mar 272010

Just a quick one, posting up of a press release, really. But important news – not the first time we’ve seen this but it’s been ages since say, the Pepsi announcement. Hat tip @inspiredadvntrs InspiredAdventures who kindly gave me the heads up : Jetstar has announced it will direct 40% of its marketing budget to social media. “We’ve conducted some very successful marketing and PR campaigns via social media in the past 18 months, including YouTube and Twitter, and the response has been phenomenal,” said David May, Jetstar’s head of marketing. May explained the increased costs of traditional media when compared Continue Reading…

Feb 152010

Where ever people congregate together, yes even in social networks and online communities, there will be scammers and unethical marketers. Here’s one – join the Facebook Fanpage and be given an iPad to test. I guess there are a number of differences today. One is that when we are fools, taken in by the scam, a journogger (journalist that raids social media for linkbait stories) or some other party could go through the 335,000 fans and name and shame anyone he or she recognises – social media experts, politicians, other journalists. We no longer learn our lesson in private but Continue Reading…

Dec 192009

I tried to join Marcom Professional community but – and there was no warning, it was after I filled in the form – they require an email address of someone I know on the site. Well I know a bunch of people on there, and tried about EIGHT email addresses, but none of them worked. So sorry, Brian, Trevor, Walter et al. you get to remain a boys club. The About page is really poor as well – in the section that should be the personality or voice of the site is: MarCom Professional is designed and hosted by a Continue Reading…