Oct 162013

Example of crowdsourced market intel driving stock prices outside of insider trading but much more devastating. Tesla, Twitter, Toyota… doesn’t matter, they all have share prices impacted by #socialmedia

May 072013

How much is a a Tweet worth, in dollar terms? How about a customer sharing a purchase on Facebook – can that make you money? by Laurel Papworth for The Australian

Apr 232012

One woman, Kristen, got miffed with banks and created Bank Transfer Day, November 5th 2011 which led to 600,000 people changing their bank to a credit union, 16% of business loans shifting to Mutuals/Credit Unions. Ariana Huffington has started MoveYourMoney and others are following suit. Any bets as to when the banks start fighting back a la Fox News and Media?

Mar 182009

I’ve got a good idea. Let’s ban kids from using social networks. Like YouTube in schools. We won’t educate them, we’ll just y’know, stop it. Oh we already ban YouTube? And we have the parents sign that their kids won’t go near  social sites? Good. Worked for those sexually adventurous teens in the 50’s didn’t it? I mean, we banned sex education and that stopped everything. Well, didn’t it? From Yahoo!Answers How do you hack Net Nanny? I have a friend who has a project due tomorrow for school. His parents are out of town, and his work involves looking Continue Reading…

Mar 152009

I’m always interested in metaGovernment. That’s not where a politician chats on Twitter or does broadcast YouTube videos or widgets for fund raising – but where voters are asked to make a difference to their own country other than donating or voting. Brazil (Portugese) (English)  has something a little similar to Future of Melbourne project: Elected officials set aside $11 million taxpayer dollars to build the most popular proposals in each of the city’s nine wards. What better way to end interminable debates and remove the decision from political wrangling: let the people decide. This is real eGovernment or The Continue Reading…

Jan 222009

From Scobleizer TV Lots of interesting content in here. I’m particularly taken with their – admittedly a bit fluffy – overview of social currency and the value of a large following vs reach vs velocity to PR and influence measurers. But the part I keep thinking about, is the first bit. The discussion on why companies will be looking at social media in an economic downturn. I think that once companies realise that they can gain 5x brand recall, drop 1/4 customer/technical support costs, and so on and so forth, the economy will force them to take some baby steps Continue Reading…

Dec 082008

Pfft. It’ll never catch on… (image: Duke.edu) You’ve got until THIS Friday to have your say. That’s the way it works, don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger: On 16 October 2008, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, announced the release of a discussion paper aimed at stimulating ideas and comments about the future roles of Australia’s two national broadcasters, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). If you know what you want to say, say it on the government site. Not sure? Then have a look at the PDF background Continue Reading…

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