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Nov 262014

A social media strategy course that takes you through the 9 steps of a social media strategy, case studies, a template document for writing the strategy. Online course with downloadable documents and videos in December 16 & 17 2014. Please enquire for inhouse workshop (corporate).

I’ve been asked by a dozen or so people to run a live, online class on developing social media strategies – 4 hrs, 2hrs a day with examples/case studies, proforma docs to fill out, a framework incl my 9 steps of a social media strategy and what to include & not include. It’s the online version of my inhouse corporate workshop. Includes Q and A & homework I’m thinking $99 for the course cut to $75 for FaceyFacey, Twits and other friends. What do you think? Could I say get 8 people? Or do people only want my inhouse real life stuff? Ping me if interested – I will make a decision this week.

  • Social Media Strategy Course (not tactical implementation of a Facebook Page!)
  • 10am to 12pm on 16 & 17 December. There’ll be another one in March.

    social media strategy quick tips

    quick tips

  • I’ll send you instructions on how to join.
  • Refunds up to a week before
  • Social Media strategy template to use at work
  • case studies and examples on how to fill out the strategy
  • Question and Answer time – feel free to send me specific questions ahead of time.
  • Online, you can access the videos for a month afterwards (or download them permanently yourself)
  • Videos mean you can access in your own time too (but the Q and A is vital to learning!)
  • Please call me on my mobile +61432684992 or email me if you have any questions.

The price is $99 – you can pay by paypal or email me for a credit card invoice or direct debit details.

You’ll be asked for a coupon code at checkout if you have one…

PS bad jokes included for FREE! :P

If you prefer a real world, workshop with a laptop and me in front of you, this section is included in my 3 Day Social Media Intensive workshop in Sydney (small numbers, very hands on and practical).

Sep 192014

16 tips to understanding and using hashtags from communities of interest, to search, to measuring velocity to #socialmedia discoverability. Hashtags are important!

Sep 052014

Using trolling as a marketing campaign on social media. Advertising used to be so polite. When Apple ripped into IBM with the Superbowl 1984 Ad, it was a shocker to the world. And unusual. Today it seems that every brand voice is experimenting with being obnoxious to get those much needed eyeballs that wander the ‘net lost in the Attention Economy. Dissing competitors is du jour.

Jul 212014

Social Media Monitoring: RSS Extensions for Browsers Add these extensions/addons/plugins to your preferred browser if you want the browser to find the RSS feeds for you. These links/extensions may or may not work!

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