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ninemsn acquires leading online discussion site
Sydney, Australia — ninemsn today announced the full acquisition of Australia’s leading online broadband and technology discussion site, Whirlpool. Adobe FreeHand MX MAC 32 bit Research paper first body paragraph Buy online Microsoft Office Word 2010 with SP2 32 bit & 64 bit

What is incredibly amusing is Whirlpool’s placement in terms of visits (from blog post) – sure, international sites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and YouTube are in the top ten. Then #10 was nineMSN, #32 Telstra BigPond, #39 Whirlpool Broadband News and #49 Optus Zoo.

Which one has the least budget? By the way, Whirlpool is right up there with carsales, domain, and RSVP dating. And even funnier is that Simon Wright, the guy that runs Whirlpool, works at NineMSN. But not on any of those sites, as far as I know. Heh.

So reflecting on the importance of April 1st pranks, the only question I have to nineMSN is: who are the FOOLS?

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