How the Australian TV Code of Practice creates Media Trolls and #Socialmedia response #ACA9


On December 1st, 2015,  the updated Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (2015) came into play. And oh boy did it come into play. From two little lines, two little changes… 3.4.2 Nothing in this Section 3 requires a Licensee to allocate equal time to different points of view, or to include every aspect of a person’s viewpoint, nor does…

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List of 3rd Party Social Media Tools #Blab #socialmedia

SM_resources blog2

Whether you are a VA looking after the Facebook and Twitter of a small business or the social media marketing manager who needs to Monitor Instagram and Risk Management, using social media tools to schedule, automate, autofollow, autotweet, & monitor are critical to saving time and resources. In this blab session we looked at low cost or free tools for VAs, online businesses and medium size businesses using social media.

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How to Do a LinkedIn Profile Audit

LinkedIn Profile Audit

Audit/Benchmark your LinkedIn Profile. This is a video on how to do a preliminary LinkedIn AUDIT for your personal LinkedIn Profile AUDIT (fill in). The audit is a suggested activity BEFORE attending one of my social media classes (classes at bottom):

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How to Write a Social Media Press Release #socialmedia

Jigsaw press release room

How to create a social media press room and write a social media press release for customers, vendors, clients, stakeholders to pick up and deliver the news into their Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus networks.

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Apologies and #Socialmedia in Crisis Comms PR


In my 8 ways to deal with negative criticism in social media course, I outline the 8 ways to deal with trolls on Facebook and bad reviews in social media. You can ignore, educate, lawyer up, fight back, confess, own etc. (see social media chart at bottom of post). Each social media response comes with a positive and a negative possible response (and you’ll often get both). The confession step is fine – apologise away – but make sure you are not digging a bigger hole.

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Advanced Social Media Course – August Sydney 2015


Looking for an advanced social media course in Sydney? Covering Facebook, Twitter, blogs, social media strategy writing for clients, step by step campaigns, measurement and analytics, and dealing with trolls and negative criticism on Facebook and other social media sites? Look no further! :)

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Bloggers Are Not Journalists – But They Are Abducted, Imprisoned Tortured and Assassinated the Same #HowManyMore

Bloggers murdered killed slain assassinated

Bloggers are being incarcerated, tortured, abducted, assassinated every day. No one protects bloggers. Here’s a list and discussion on Australia, politics and social media #HowManyMore

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How to Write a Social Media Strategy in 9 Steps

jigsaw_logo purple_SocialMediaStrategy

How to write a #socialmedia strategy for Gov, Organisations.
Covers: Purpose vs Values, Tribes & Customer Avatar (Targeted Comms),Spaces and Platforms, Roles and Personal Brand Gamification, Engagement Life Cycles & Call To Actions, Key Influencers, Voice & Etiquette, Campaign & Activities, Rituals & Conversation Diary
The online course (4hrs of video and practical exercises) is here

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